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What should you think about the news you read in the Chillicothe Gazette?

Hopefully the Chillicothe Gazette gives you accurate and complete news. But what if it doesn’t? How will you know?

The goal of this site is to point out the inaccuracy or bias of some of news and opinions you see in the Gazette. It will also point out some of the news you don’t see. Hopefully over time this will make the Chillicothe Gazette a more reliable news source.

“Hardly a day goes by when there isn’t an article or opinion piece in the Chillicothe Gazette that I don’t find worthy of commented. Watching the Chillicothe Gazette is almost a full time job”

Alan R. Davis 09/10/2020

If you think you should contact either the Gazette or Gannett about their content you can write them at:

Gazette: Editor; Chillicothe Gazette; 50 W. Main Street; Chillicothe, OH 45601

Gannett: Maribel Perez Wadsworth; President; Gannett News; 7590 Jones Branch Drive; McLean, VA 22107-0150

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Recent Article Reviews:

Oct. 19: “Is Facebook ready for potential election disruption?”

“The Associated Press seems to be more concerned with making sure that Facebook and Twitter are blocking unfavorable stories related to VP Biden rather than reporting on the extent of the corruption his son and he were involved in. It appears Gannett and the Chillicothe Gazette are part of that effort too.”

Oct. 20: SVC Cross Country Championship

“No matter whether you appreciate what it takes to be a championship quality cross country runner or not, for one school to dominate as Unioto HS did, is truly amazing!”

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