The Gazette and Climate Change: Pushing the Climate Change Hoax

Occasionally we see articles and columns on the topic of Man-made Climate Change or Global Warming in the Gazette. They usually cover an event that is upcoming or has just occurred or a new report that has been issued. They always include warnings of the dangers humans face from projected warming and sea level rise. I usually just shake my head when I see them.

My undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas was a BA degree with a double major in Geography (the study of Planet Earth) and Anthropology (the study of humans). Both majors covered climate change. In my Geography coarse work I actually took a class on Climatology. While it didn’t make me an expert on all aspects of climates, it did introduce me to the various types of climates, where they could be found in the world and how they have changed over time. My main interests in Anthropology were North American Indians and North American Archeology. However I also took other courses which covered the development (evolution) of modern humans.

Most of the Anthropology courses included the impact of climate change and how humans adapted to it. I learned that there have been many changes to the world’s climate systems throughout the Earth’s life. One of the major changes in climate hit it’s peak around 20,000 to 25,000 years ago. That was when the last major glacial advance reached its peak expansion in North America. Since moving to Chillicothe I’ve learned that glacial advance reached as far south, in what is now Ohio, as Western Avenue. I also learned what we call Carlisle Hill is a ridge moraine. Moraines are large mounds of earth and rock created by the advancing glacier. In this case it was formed along the side of the glacier as it moved. It is much like the snow that mounds up along side your snow shovel when you push it through new fallen snow.

The last glacial advance was so significant that a huge volume of fresh water was frozen in the sheets of ice that extended from what is now Canada to what is now southern Ohio. Some estimate that sheet of ice was as much as one mile thick. There was so much water frozen in the glacier that the sea level dropped so much a land bridge from Asia to North America was exposed. That land bridge helped populate a previously unpopulated continent, North America. It is estimated that much of the continental shelf was also exposed during that time frame. The continental shelf is now under water and has been since the last glacier melted.

The period of major glacial advances and retreats has been going on for at least the last million years. In fact, what is now Ohio has been impacted by three major glacial advances and retreats during the last 600,000 years. The deposits left by the glaciers are discussed in a piece produced by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. You can find numerous articles on Ohio’s glaciers by doing a search on either “Ohio’s glaciers” or “Ohio’s Glacial Deposits”.

In addition to these severe changes in climate, there are less severe and more frequent changes in Earth’s climate. Two of them that have been well documented in Art, Literature, History and Science are the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age. The Little Ice Age ended around the middle of the 1800’s. That would have been 150 years ago when the major push regarding man-made global warming started. It is also about the time of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

So when the man-made global warming scare began to be pushed I became a skeptic. The main reason I was skeptical was the scare used a new chart of recent global temperature record that eliminated both the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age as its key piece of evidence. The chart was produced by Michael Mann and became known as the Hockey Stick chart. As someone familiar with the subject I wondered “How did a few new tree ring samples from eastern Russia eliminate the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age when they are both well documented in Art, Literature, History and SCIENCE?” However, Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick Chart became a key part of the UN’s climate report and movement.

In 2009 someone released thousands of emails that appeared to expose a major effort to push the theory of “man-made climate change” and suppress “skeptics” concerns. That release and the following discussion of it became known as “climategate”.

2019 is the year that the debate on man-made global warming and whether the new chart of recent climate history was an accurate depiction of actual climate change should have ended. That year Michael Mann refused a court order to turn over the underlying data used to create his chart so his chart could be verified. At question was which chart of recent climate history was accurate, Prof. Mann’s or Dr. Ball’s. (See above link to Hockey Stick Chart.) In August, 2019 the judge ruled that Prof. Mann’s liable suit against Dr. Ball should be dismissed and Prof. Mann was ordered to pay Ball’s court costs. The outcome of of this lawsuit also vindicates my skepticism regarding the UN’s IPCC hoax.

This court case and its controversy and conclusion have not been covered in the Chillicothe Gazette, yet it still covers articles regarding the man-made global warming hoax.

So if asked if I believe in Climate Change and Global Warming my answer would be “Of course! Earth’s climate has been constantly changing and the earth has warmed since I was young. But if you are asking if I believe that humans’ use of fossil fuels is causing the earth to warm and sea levels to rise and poses the greatest threat to humans, of course I don’t. If what is now Ohio has experienced changes in temperature large enough to cause massive sheets of ice called glaciers to advance and cover two thirds of its territory and then retreat three separate times in the last 600,000 years, why would I think that a minor increase in temperature since the end of a cold period known as the Little Ice Age isn’t part of naturally occurring climate change. It is pretty clear it is!

If you would like to learn more about actual climate change, the science behind the debate and the current man-made global warming hoax a great source of information is the SEPP website and weekly emails. I get their weekly emails. While there are some discussions that are too scientifically detailed for me to fully understand, it is a great source for many scientific discussions one can understand. I highly recommend it.

So my question is “When will the Gazette stop promoting this scientific hoax!”

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