Sept. 10, 2020: Political Cartoon titled “Not a Good Sign”

Distributed by Cage Cartoons

The September 10th issue of the Chillicothe Gazette includes a political cartoon making fun of those who claim “Global Warming is a Hoax”. It does it by showing a long haired man holding a sign while the above slogan while the sign burns. Is that supposed to convince us that “man-made global warming due to use the use of fossil fuels” is actually occurring? While I’ve recently covered this topic in a prior post, I’m going to cover it again here.

Is global climate change real? Have we been experiencing warming temperatures? The obvious answer is “YES”! Why can we say that? We can say that because a short 20,000 years ago massive sheets of ice covered most of what is now called the Midwest and New England. That period of glacial activity is known as the Wisconsin Glaciation. ( Prior to that two other periods of major glaciation was experienced in North America. The last of those is known as the Illinoian Galciation.)

So if we start at 22,000 years ago we find cold temperatures and a thick sheet of ice, estimated to be as much as one mile thick, covering much of what is now Ohio. What must have happened since that sheet no longer covers Ohio. In fact it no longer exists in Michigan, the state north of Ohio. And that sheet of ice no longer exists in Canada where it got its start. In fact the only part of that massive glacial event that still exists are the glaciers in Greenland. And we’ve recently seen articles talking about how the Greenland glaciers are melting.

It’s pretty clear that sometime around 20,000 years ago the northern hemisphere started to experience warming temperatures. The increase in temperature must have been substantial if it was able to melt a massive sheet of ice one mile thick covering much of northern North America. And since the warming started around 20,000 years ago it’s been going on for quite awhile. Of course that’s the understatement of all understatements!

Call me crazy, but I’m glad global warming took place. I enjoyed my fishing trip to Ontario, Canada and my bird watching trip to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Neither of those trips would have been possible if global warming hadn’t occurred.

The current “man-made global warming” movement was spurred on by a climate chart of the 1,000 years produced by Prof. Michael Mann. It looked much different from other charts which closely match the one produced by climatologist Tim Ball. Tim Ball’s chart includes both the Medieval Warming and Little Ice Age, both well documented in Art, Literature, History and Science. Michael Mann’s chart excludes both. Last summer Prof. Mann’s liable suit against Tim Ball was dismissed when he refused a court order to share the underlying data his chart was based on.

So if the key evidence for the man-made global warming the movement turned out to be bogus, what does that say about the movement’s claims? It looks like global warming has been going on for quite some time. Any temperature increase we’ve experienced since the end of the Little Ice Age is most likely part of that long lasting global warming that started at a time when there were few humans , not something that just started 170 years ago.

Prior article.

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