Sept. 16, 2020: “Trump knew danger. End of Story.”

by Dick Polman of the University of Pennsylvania

Dick finished his column with the following:

“But while fully armed with foreknowledge about COVID-19, he has now shot and killed 190,000. Will that cost him votes? Are we so benumbed at this point that even the most flagrant smoking guns shoot only blanks?

Richard Nixon flew away in his helicopter for far less.”

The “he” that Dick is referring to in the first line is President Trump, so I’m wondering what I’ve missed. I haven’t seen any news story regarding a shooting the president has been involved in, let alone one in which he killed 190,000 people. I can’t imagine what kind of gun he must have used to accomplish that. If that’ happened, Dick is correct. That’s much worse than what President Nixon did that resulted his resignation from office.

But when I look back on Dick’s column what I see is a listing of what President Trump said, but no recitation of any of the things he did. I’ve always heard that “actions speak louder than words”. So why didn’t Dick list any of the things President Trump did? They must have been terrible too? Could it be because it might cause a reasonable person to come to a different conclusion than what he hopes those who read his column will come to?

I watch Fox News so I actually know that President Trump has taken actions regarding the virus. The way I know that is one of our favorite Fox News shows, The Five, was interrupted on a regular basis over at least a couple month period to show the President’s Covid-19 Virus Task Force updates. We were introduced to the members of the task force and what their areas of responsibility were. We heard daily updates on the spread of the virus AND on the actions taken to help deal with it. That included the activation of the Wartime Production Act that mobilized private businesses converting them to the production of PPE and equipment. It also covered the refitting of two hospital ships and a convention center so that New York and California would have greater hospital capacity to handle the expected increase in patients. The task force updates came daily. Having seen those updates I think it is fair to give President Trump some credit? But Dick doesn’t seem to want to?

In his column Dick attempts to assign responsibility for the loss of all 190,000 lives to President Trump. Is that fair? Shouldn’t the governors of five states who required nursing homes to accept individuals diagnosed with Covid-19 and then saw significant levels of death in those very same nursing homes be assigned some of the blame? And what about the Democrats and bureaucrats that criticized President Trump for suggesting that individuals might try Hydrozychloride treatment despite the fact that many doctors were having success with it. How many individuals died as a result of that? How many of those deaths are the result of the actions of the Chinese Communist Party and their handling of the virus. That’s where it started.

Finally, how many deaths might be attributed to Dick Polman if readers fail to get vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus once it becomes available because they read his column suggesting it would be foolish to do so?

It looks like the story hasn’t ended yet after all!

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