Sept. 23, 2020: “Trump: Virus ‘affects virtually nobody'”

By Darrel Rowland of the Lancaster Eagle – Gazette

With a bold headline like the above, what would you expect the beginning of the article to be about? If you said the Covid-19 Virus you would be wrong. In fact you have to go to the fourth paragraph of page 3A to find the quote shown above. The story is really about the two campaign stops President Trump made in Ohio the day before.

Once the article catches up with the headline you find the following:

“Despite the findings of scientists and medical experts, Trump claimed the young and the fit are virtually exempt from the disease. ‘Now we know it affects elderly people. Elderly people with heart problems and other problems. If they have other problems, that’s what it really affects.’ Trump’s response to the coronavirus remains a major campaign issue…”

Watching Fox News I recently heard about the CDC’s latest infection fatality rate estimates and they were quite startling.

Age GroupInfection Fatality RateDeaths per 1,000 Infected


What really surprised me was how hard it was to find this information. The only news source that came up when I did a Google search was an article on “Wink”. And even the CDC site didn’t have an article posted, you had to search down a planning document to find the numbers. Why wasn’t this covered by all the major media outlets and even the Gazette?

Based on the statistics listed on the Ross County Health District’s website (9/25/2020) and an estimated population of 76,600, 11 out of every 1,000 residents have been infected. But that overstates the risk for people who aren’t: Inmates, Correction Employees, Nursing Home Residents and Healthcare workers. Exclude cases involving those categories of residents and the number drops to 6 out of 1,000. With only 23 deaths, many of whom were nursing home residents and inmates, the expected deaths per 1,000 residents is 0!

So was it really that outrageous that President Trump said the Virus “affects virtually nobody”. For those under the age of 70 there is very little chance of dying from the Covid-19 virus. What has made the statement “outrageous” isn’t the death rate, but government’s reaction to the virus. Federal and state governments’ reactions have impacted nearly everyone!

Trump’s response to the coronavirus remains a major campaign issue…” Who’s making it an issue? Isn’t it the Democrats and the media. However, it appears that most in the media are only reporting one side. They are reporting what President Trump says, but not what VP Biden and Sen. Harris say.

Kamala Harris Pre-butal:

In her speech given the afternoon of the last day of the RVC’s convention Sen. Harris harshly criticized President Trump. One of the areas she went after him hardest on was the Covid-19 virus. (Watch starting at 10 minutes to 13 or 14 minutes of above linked video.) She claimed that President Trump didn’t have and still doesn’t have a plan to address the virus.

How did that go unchallenged by the Gazette and the media? Day after day, for at least a couple months in the spring, Fox News carried live coverage of the Trump Administration’s Covid-19 Task Force updates. During those updates we were introduced to the team members, what their responsibilities were and how their plans were progressing along with the latest virus statistics. We heard about the activation of the Wartime Production Act to ramp up equipment and supply production. They covered the construction of hospital capacity and the revamping of two huge hospital ships to supplement NY and LA hospital capacity. We heard about travel bans. And we were introduced to the plan to speed up the production and distribution of vaccine. To anyone who saw the updates it sure sounded like there was a plan. So how did she go unchallenged? (The video included with NBC’s reporting of her speech stopped before it to the above section.)

Biden on Covid-19 Deaths:

‘If Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be — it’s estimated that 200 million people have died — probably by the time I finish this talk,’ he said during a campaign speech.” Fox News

He went on to claim all 200,000 deaths were President Trump’s vault. He seemed to forget that governors of five northeastern states required nursing homes to accept Covid-19 infected patients resulting in the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents.

In June he claimed 120 million dead form virus:

So not only does VP Biden seem to not know the facts about the virus, but the plan he has outlined sounds a lot like the things that President Trump has already put in place.

The Gazette has been pushing stories about the Covid-19 virus, yet leaving out some of the most important stories. That’s not the kind of reporting Ross County residents deserve.

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