Sept. 25, 2020: Opinion Page on Covid-19 Virus

By The Columbus Dispatch, Dick Polman & Political Cartoon

Today’s issue of the Chillicothe Gazette has an Opinion page full of Covid-19 items. At the top of the page there is a “Guest Editorial” by The Columbus Dispatch. It compliments The Ohio State University’s decision to eliminate next spring break. (Seeing it is only the end of September, why did they need to make that decision now?) On the left hand side of the page is a column by Dick Polman. He does his Trump bashing in his normal dishonest and inflammatory way of writing. (And he is the University of Pennsylvania’s Writer in Residence, though for some reason they left that off his byline this time?) In the center of the page there is a cartoon depicting a Lake of the Ozark biker event as “Superspreader 2020”.

After seeing this I couldn’t help but wonder: “Does the Chillicothe Gazette’s editor choose the columns and cartoons, or is she assigned the ones to use in the paper?” and “Who comes up with the headings for the columns?”

While taking all of the items together, along with a front page story on the number of cases in Ross County, it appears the Editor of the Gazette is still concerned that readers aren’t taking the virus seriously enough and attaching enough blame to President Trump.

It looks like Dick Polman sums up the pinion of the Chillicothe Gazette’s best with his closing words:

“I’ll simply pose a rhetorical question: If any president, through ignorance and negligence, had allowed terrorists to kill 200,000 Americans – with the prospect of killing many more, and wounding still more life, would that manifestly failed individual have a prayer of getting re-elected?”

The obvious answer that Dick was looking for was “Of course not!” And it appears he thinks he has just convinced us to vote for VP Biden.

Dick might ask himself “Why doesn’t it seem to be working?”

Maybe it isn’t working because many voters understand:

  1. The real culprit is the Chinese Communist Party. They allowed the virus to spread throughout the world.
  2. President Trump actually put in place travel bans together with a task force designed to address many of the items needed to fight the virus.
  3. Trump didn’t make governors of five northeastern states require nursing homes to accept Covid-19 patients resulting in tens of thousands of deaths.
  4. Trump didn’t “outlaw” the use of hydrozycloride as a potential life saving treatment for Covid-19 patients after many doctors found it to be very helpful in fighting the disease.
  5. Trump’s task force has sped up the development of a Covid-19 vaccine.
  6. Diseases can be deadly as over 2.8 million people die each year in the United States.

It sure seems like the Gazette and Gannett think Covid-19 is a key to defeating President Trump in the upcoming election and are doing whatever they can to make sure it makes a difference!

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