Sept. 28, 2020: Cartoon on “SCOTUS Hearings”

By Adam Zygus of Cagle Cartoons

The cartoon portrays Sen. Mitch McConnell riding an elephant towards the Supreme Court Hearings. Behind the elephant a little fly says “Give the People a Voice in the filling of this vacancy.” This is reported to reflect the dying wish of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The obvious question is “Which People?”.

In 2016 President Trump achieved an Electoral College victory and became our President. He was elected to serve FOUR years. That four year term ends in January 2021. In 2018 Republicans gained seats in the US Senate, maintaining a majority. So during the last two elections voters elected a president and a Senate controlled by Republicans. Most observers believe that Trump’s promise to nominate and Republican Senators’ promise to confirm conservative justices to the Supreme Court were major factors in those victories.

But now Democrats want Trump and the Senate to deprive those voters of the victories they gained? They believe “The People” are those who will vote in the upcoming elections. Of course the results of those elections won’t be known for some time.

But “The people” have already had a voice in filling of the vacancy! They elected President Trump and a Republican majority in the Senate.

It sure looks like Democrats want to deny them that voice.

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