Opinion: “Meet Prof. Michael Mann”

While not foremost on people’s mind as we prepare to vote in the upcoming election, Climate Change has been an important topic for many. But there is much about the topic that isn’t well known. Understanding who have been key figures behind the concern and their contributions on the topic are important. And there may not be a more important figure than Prof. Michael Mann of Penn State University. So why is that?


Concerns about Earth’s changing climate started to surface in the 1970’s. By 1992 the UN was working on change. That year they held an environmental conference in Brazil. At the conclusion of the meeting they agreed to hold an additional meeting in 1997 which became known as the Kyoto Conference. The attendees adopted the Kyoto Protocols requiring many countries to restrict green house gas emissions (CO2 in particular). China and India were to be exempted from the requirements of the protocols.

The Kyoto Protocols were to be adopted by the major countries in the world, including the U.S. However, for the U.S. to become a signatory, the Senate needed to agree through a formal vote, since it was considered a treaty. All treaties entered into by the U.S. must be ratified by the Senate. That became a problem. In July 1997 the Senate passed the Bryd – Hagel Resolution by a 95-0 vote. One of the motivating factors was people’s uncertainty as to whether recent climate change was naturally occurring or caused by the increased use of fossil fuels beginning with the second Industrial Revolution.

Prof. Mann’s Hockey Stick Chart:

In 1998 Michael Mann, along with others, produced a revised record of climate history for the prior 600 years. It was updated to cover 1,000 years in 1999. The revised version eliminated the fluctuations in climate known as the Medieval Warm Period and The Little Ice Age. This new chart of climate change became known as the “Hockey Stick Chart”. Because the new chart showed a steady decline in temperatures followed by a dramatic increase starting around 1850 (the start of the “second” Industrial Revolution) it became the center piece of the UN’s IPCC third report. This also reportedly eliminated the concerns expressed by the “skeptics” of man-made global warming that had been shown in prior charts such as the following.

The Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age are well documented in Art, Literature, History and Science so many people were skeptical of the new Hockey Stick Chart.

The controversy surrounding the Hockey Stick Chart heated up in November, 2009 (ten years after its release) when thousands of emails were released that showed a concerted effort to suppress any negative comments/publications regarding the new version of the climate history. This became known as “Climategate”. Following the release of the emails Prof. Mann’s work came under scrutiny and potential legal action. In an interview he took part in during the summer of 2010 Prof. Mann stated that he had always stated there were uncertainties with his chart and that it should never had been used for policy. But that’s exactly what Prof. Mann allowed it to be used for years when it was featured in the IPCC third report released in 2001.

Tim Ball Legal Suit

Climatologist Tim Ball went on record criticizing Prof. Mann and his Hockey Stick chart in an interview with the BBC saying that Prof. Mann should have been in the state pen rather than at Penn State. Prof. Mann sued Tim Ball for liable in a Canadian court asking for one million dollars. The case came down to two charts on recent climate history. Tim Ball’s showed both the MWP and LIA, while Michael Mann’s didn’t.

The judge eventually required Prof. Mann to share the basis for his chart with the court which Prof. Mann refused to do. Prof. Mann was held in contempt of court, his suit was dismissed and he was ordered to pay Tim Ball’s legal expenses.

The case was dismissed in August 2019! Yet we’ve seen little reporting on what is one of the most significant rulings in recent years. Since then we’ve still seen many stories on Climate Change that are based on the early use of Prof. Mann’s bogus Hockey Stick Chart. And if you do a search in Wikipedia for Medieval Warm Period or the Little Ice Age you will see they are now using the Hockey Stick Chart in the articles. This was not the case just a couple years ago.

What Does This Mean

When you take Prof. Mann’s refusal to follow a court order to share the basis of his Hockey Stick chart with the court coupled with the Climategate email release in 2009 which showed a concerted effort to keep a real scientific discussion on recent climate history from taking place there is only one conclusion to draw. The claim that man’s use of fossil fuels is driving an alarming increase in current and future temperatures is fraudulent. The claim is based on political science, not natural science. Why hasn’t the biggest story of the last 30 years been covered by the media?

All I can say is shame on you for pushing this scientific hoax! That’s shame on the Chillicothe Gazette, on Gannett News, shame on Fox News, shame on the major media outlets, shame on universities and boards of education that teach our youth this hoax. And shame on all the major corporations that jumped on the band wagon because they figured out the hoax would allow them the chance to make huge profits!

Finally, shame on my alma, the University of Kansas, which gave me the basic educational background to know that the Hockey Stick and man-made global warming were a hoax, yet is now giving out “Climate Change Certificates” based on this very same political, not natural, science!

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