Sept 2, 2020: “Biden OK to sidestep court question”

By Carl Golden; Guest Columnist of USA Today Network

I was a bit taken aback by the heading to this column, but after reading it found the column to be well written and thought out. Carl makes the case against packing the court (Supreme Court) with additional judges. His position is best wrapped in this paragraph:

“Demanding a reconfiguration of the court to meet their (vocal left) demands, however only serves to undermine public confidence in the judicial process and promotes the belief that a fair and unbiased application of the law and constitution has taken a back seat to an obsession with political victories.”

I certainly agree with those thoughts.

My only disagreement is with the following that he included: “Democrat leaders were privately aghast at the court packing scheme…”. After seeing Sen. Chuck Schumer’s and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments on last night news it didn’t seem they were all that “aghast”. Instead it looked like they were threatening to do just that. Pack the court. And they are the Democrat’s leadership in the House and Senate. However that really doesn’t take away from Carl’s column.

However, I am left wondering who came up with the heading for the column. “Biden OK to sidestep court question.” No where in the column does he state that reflects his opinion. In fairness to his well written column, it seems to go against the position he states. If he is against “packing the court” because it would undermine the judicial process why would he think it was okay for Biden and Harris to sidestep the question? I doubt he would. It seems he would be in favor of insisting they take a position and hope it was against packing the court.

From my experience, headlines are not created by the columnist but instead are created by someone associated with the Opinion Page. It is usually the role of an “editor”. So is that who created the heading? Did they actually read the column before coming up with the heading? Often headings are what readers most remember. So it appears the heading was purposefully created to mislead.

We see deception too frequently in the Chillicothe Gazette when it comes to state and national news. The question is how are they held accountable so that it doesn’t happen in the future.

If you agree with my assessment you might want to drop them a note at:

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