Opinion: The Gazette and Covid-19

I received an email from the editor of the Chillicothe Gazette that stated the following:

“Thank you for your submission, but we will not be printing this column.”

This is not a big surprise. After having almost all my columns and letters to the editor while Marvin Jones and Mike Throne were the paper’s editors it has suddenly changed. Since Tonya Shipley has become editor she has chosen not to print half of my submissions?

The column fact checked the claims that Senator Harris and Vice President have been making about the Trump Administration’s handling of the Covid-19 virus outbreak. They both have made comments that “the Trump Administration had no plan early on and still has no plan”.

I went on to point out that for at least two months Fox News interrupted The Five at Five and Special Report to bring us the the Administration’s Covid-19 Task Force updates. We were introduced to the task force leadership, what they were responsible for and updates on what they had accomplished. To me this sounds like they had a plan and still do.

So why did the editor of the Chillicothe Gazette chose not to print this column? They have printed other “fact checking” articles on minor things that were incorrect to start with. They have printed outrageous columns by Dick Polman that criticize President Trump. And they have printed a column telling us that 1,037 Ohio voters identified Covid-19 as one of their two most important concerns. But they aren’t willing to print a column that tells voters that Sen. Harris and VP Biden are not telling the truth about the Administration’s plan to combat Covid-19. And we haven’t seen this covered by USA Today or other Ohio Gannett newspapers.

I think this tells us a lot about the Chillicothe Gazette, USA Today and Gannett News! That may be why so many residents of Ross County refuse to subscribe to the Gazette. Maybe advertisers should wake up too!

You can read the column here!

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