Sept. 9, 2020: “Much separation in VP debate”

by Diedre Shesgreen, Phillip Bsiley and Caren Bohen of USA Today

The Chillicothe Gazette carried this article in today’s paper. It reports what they found to be the major points of the VP Debate. But there is no fact checking included in the article? Let’s take the following:

“Harris pushes back of fracking: ‘The climate is changing, we’ll follow the science,’ Pence said, before charging that Biden would… ban fracking. Harris said Biden will not ban fracking.”

This would seem like an important topic to fact check, but if it is, it will show that one candidate or the other isn’t telling the truth. But which candidate is that?

“Expanding Supreme Court: Pense tried to get Harris to answer a question that she and Biden have repeatedly sidestepped: Do they support expanding the Supreme Court as many liberals advocate?”

This would seem like an essential question for any candidate to answer BEFORE voters cast their votes. Biden is on recording stating he won’t because his answer would be the next day’s headline in every paper. Shouldn’t something that important be the headline?

“Expanding Supreme Court:” ” Harris went back to 1864, when she said Abraham Lincoln didn’t think it right to fill a vacancy 27 days days before an election.”

A group that works to maintain the memory of Lincoln included the following in a comment on Sen. Harris’ response:

“Not only was the Senate out of session in October when Taney died until December 5 making it difficult for Lincoln to move forward with the confirmation proceedings necessary for a new justice, but Lincoln also strategically delayed the nomination to ensure he had Chase and other potential picks’ political support through the November election.”

So Sen. Harris misrepresented why Lincoln “delayed” nominating Chase to the Supreme Court. Yet the article didn’t fact check her comment.

“Expanding Supreme Court:” “We particularly hope we don’t see the kind of attacks on her Christian faith that we saw before.” “‘It’s insulting to suggest we would knock anyone for their faith., she said”.

In her Appeals Court hearings some of the Democrats did express concerns about Amy Coby Barrett’s faith. So there is concern that it might happen again. This wasn’t covered in the article.

“Harris pushes back on fracking:” “She noted that Trump said ‘science doesn’t know’ when pressed about the role of climate change on wildfires in California”.

The fact is there is a lot of disagreement on “Climate Change”. Many scientists claim it is due to humans use of fossil fuels. Others like those at SEPP and the Heartland Institute dispute that fact. So it appears that science in general doesn’t know. Check out some of my postings under “Climate Change” in the menu categories to see some of my blogs.

So why no fact checking in the Gazette on this debate, just reporting, when there has been so much fact checking in the past?

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