Oct.14: “Ohio tops 5,000 deaths caused by COVID-19”

by Max Filby of the Columbus Dispatch

Max starts off with “Ohio has lost more than 5,000 lives to the coronavirus. There were six deaths reported, pushing the store past the grim milestone.”

Usually there is a purpose for an article being written, so what might the purpose of this article be? You might get the idea from some of the “facts” that he reports.

“The 5,005 COVID-19 deaths is more than the entire population of West Jefferson… with an estimate population of 4,431…”

“The 5,000 Ohioans who have died of COVID-19 amounts to more than the number of military members from the state who died in the Vietnam War (2,997) and the Korean War (1,777) combined.”

“Ohio ranks 25th in deaths for every 100,000 people…”

“Ohio ranks 13th in the country in total COVID-19 deaths.”

Many of the quoted statistics are given with no context. So let’s take a look at them:

“Ohio ranks 13th”: According to an internet site (Wikipedia) Ohio is 7th in population with a population of 11,689,100. So the state ranks 7th in population, but only 13th in COVID-19 deaths. That’s good!

“Ohio ranks 25th in deaths for every 100,000 people…”: This puts Ohio right in the middle of the 50 states, not something Ohioans should be alarmed about.

“The 5,000 Ohioans who have died of COVID-19…”: The internet has a site that shows the normal deaths per state. It shows 117,750 deaths per year for Ohio. That seems low considering the stated population for Ohio, but means that COVID-19 deaths are less than 4% of the Ohio’s normal deaths.

“The 5,005 COVID-19 deaths is more than the entire population of West Jefferson…”: Max could have picked any town or city, so why did he pick a small town like West Jefferson? Why not Grove City (35,575) or Westerville (36,120) or even Chillicothe (21,901). Or how about Cincinnati (296,945). Only a small town makes the COVID-19 virus look devastating.

There were six deaths reported…”: While six deaths is sad, six deaths in a state of 11.7 million people is hardly something to panic about. I look through the Gazette on a daily basis and the normal number of deaths reported in the Obituary section ranges from 3 to 5. Yet we don’t panic with that level of daily deaths in Ross County, do we?

So why did Max write this article and write it in the way he did. It looks to me like this is just one more attempt to convince voters that COVID-19 is a terrible plague and Democrats are telling us that it is all President Trump’s fault.

Biden: Has claimed that all 200,000 deaths could have be averted if Trump had a plan to address the virus.

Harris: Claimed that Trump didn’t have a plan early on and still doesn’t have a plan in her pre-butal speech.

The Democrats have chosen COVID-19 as their number one campaign issue and it appears that Max is doing his part in helping them make their case.

One thought on “Oct.14: “Ohio tops 5,000 deaths caused by COVID-19”

  1. Alan: The fact that 5000 people have died from Covid in Ohio seems like legitimate news to me. What is your objection to it? You seem to be implying that this story is somehow a Democratic political ad.


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