Oct. 9 & Oct. 15: “Famed lawyer warns of conservative Supreme Court”

by John L. Micek Columnist USA Today Network

What do you do when you want to make sure someone understands the point you’re attempting to make? I don’t know about you, but I usually repeat myself. I make the same point a second or third time, even if I made it clear the first time. I try not to do it, but it just happens.

Did the Gazette just do the same? I had cut John Micek’s column out of the Oct. 9th Opinion page and put it in my stack of items to address in the future. The future just hadn’t come yet. (But I found it in my stack when I checked this morning.)

So imagine my surprise when I opened today’s Gazette to the Opinion page. There, on the left hand side of page, was a column by John Micak titled “Famed layer warns of a conservative Supreme Court”. I checked the column from the 9th and it was the exact same title. So was it exactly the same column? Almost, but not quite.

The differences between the two columns:

  • The 10/15/20 column has his picture cropped and John is listed as “Guest columnist” rather than “Columnist”. “USA TODAY NETWORK” is added.
  • They deleted “and follow him on Twitter @ByJohnLMicek” for his byline.
  • An additional paragraph starting “Pennsylvania’s senior senator, Democrat Bob Casey…” is added.
  • A paragraph starting “Barret already has said …” was deleted.

Other than that they are exactly the same column by the same “journalist”, with the same heading and on the same topic using mostly the same words.

It appears that the Chillicothe Gazette has “repeated itself” because they want to make sure you get the message. So here it goes a again:

“Famed lawyer warns of a conservative Supreme Court”. So one famed lawyer wants us to have a Supreme Court dominated by progressives. Isn’t there a famed lawyer that wants us to have a Supreme Court dominated by conservatives? Wouldn’t it have been fair to include a column about them? Or maybe the Gazette could have had side by side columns presenting each side’s position. But that’s not what we see.

Gazette editor we get the message. You support VP Biden, Democrats and progressives. We get the message. We’ve known it long before you ran the second column by John Micek. Or even before you ran the first.

Please believe me. You really don’t need to run a third version of John Micek’s column!

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