Oct. 17: Political Cartoon: Hunter Biden’s Secret Emails

A strange thing showed up in the October 17th issue of the Chillicothe Gazette. That strange thing was a cartoon. It shows a troubled sky, the Statue of Liberty, satellite sized Covid-19 in the sky and a scary Mayor Giuliano holding up a news paper. It is a copy of a NY Post and the headline is “Hunter Biden’s Secret Emails”. It shows the former mayor saying “Look over here kids! Do you want to see something really scary?” What’s so strange about that?

What makes that strange is the fact the Chillicothe Gazette hasn’t carried any articles regarding the story in the New York Post. So what is the cartoon all about? If you haven’t watched Fox News or listened to the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh you wouldn’t know anything about it!

There are two stories involved. The first story is the article articles in the New York Post. Hunter Biden abandoned his computer at a repair shop. The owner checked out the hard drive and found it was full of emails and pictures from Hunter Biden, VP Biden’s son. Many of the emails relate to his dealing with China, Ukraine, Russia and Romania. The relate to his and his partners attempts to get lucrative deals, many of which have to do with using VP Biden’s prior status to gain access. While Democrats like Rep. Schiff are claiming it is Russian disinformation, the original computer was handed over to the FBI. The repair shop owner kept backups of the hard drive and one of them eventually made its way to Mayor Giuliano and the NY Post. One of Hunter Biden’s business partners has confirmed that some of the emails were correct and has handed over 26,000 emails to a reporter. So the first story is how Hunter Biden used his father to create “business deals” with foreign entities, including those controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Or is it about how VP Biden used his son to create “business deals” with foreign entities, including those controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Either way it appears like it is corruption and a significant story. Yet it hasn’t been covered in the Gazette?

The second story relates to actions by Facebook and Twitter. They both acted to restrict access to and the spread of the story. They did that even before there is any proof that the story is “fake news”. It appears we now have the “tech” companies suing their platforms to influence the election. But that’s not really so surprising. Most of the rest of the media has been doing that for the last 25 years or longer!

So why did the Chillicothe Gazette include a cartoon related to a story they refuse to cover? Beats me!

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