Oct. 19: “Is Facebook ready for potential election disruption?”

By Barbara Ortutay and David Klepper of the Associated Press

The story starts off “Ever since Russian agents and other opportunists abused Facebook’s platform in an attempt to manipulate the 2016 U.S. presidential election… (it) has learned its lesson and is no longer a conduit for misinformation, voter suppression and election disruption.”

The article goes on to talk about how the author’s feel that Facebook has lagged behind in protecting its platform from misinformation, but is attempting to change. It talks about how it has worked hard by hiring “outside fact-checkers, added restrictions” and It’s also started added (their edited version not a typo on my part) warning labels to posts that contain misinformation… and joined Twitter in limiting the spread of an unverified political story about Hunter Biden…”

This is the first mention I’ve seen in the Gazette of the Hunter Biden computer email scandal or the fact that Twitter and Facebook have refused to allow the story on their platforms that. It shows up in the fourth paragraph on the second page of the story.

For those of us that watch Fox News we known that Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff are telling us that the story is Russian disinformation. We also know the Director of the National Security Agency has come out and said there was no truth to that claim. That the agencies under his direction have no information that the emails or story about them was started by the Russians.

Instead, we know that the computer was left at a repair shop by Hunter Biden. He failed to pick it up in 90 days, so by agreement, it became the possession of the business owner. He looked at the contents of the hard drive and found disturbing information. He made copies of the hard drive content and turned the computer over to the FBI who has had it since last winter. He eventually turned over one of the copies of the hard drive to Mayor Giuliano who got it to the NY Post. They have confirmed that several of the emails were real by verifying them with the recipients.

Now one of Hunter Biden’s business partners has released 26,000 emails to a reputable reporter. The business partner has been convicted of corrupt activity and feels that Hunter is being treated differently because he is VP Biden’s son. The reporter is Peter Switzer. He has been given access to the the business partner’s Gmail account and he has been reviewing the emails. He will be releasing a series of reports on the emails’ contents which detail many of the corrupt dealings that Hunter Biden and his partners were involved in. In some cases they show VP Biden role in the activities.

Yet this is what Twitter and Facebook are blocking a major newspaper from reporting on using their platforms? This is what Facebook and Twitter are claiming is disinformation?

The Associated Press seems to be more concerned with making sure that Facebook and Twitter are blocking unfavorable stories related to VP Biden rather than reporting on the extent of the corruption his son and he were involved in. It appears Gannett and the Chillicothe Gazette are part of that effort too.

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