Oct. 20: SVC Cross Country Championship

Earlier this fall I wrote a blog on an amazing finish in a Cross Country race. It told how Unioto HS finished the race with 16 points, one short of a perfect score. Their boys finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th. That was a truly amazing result for a major race with several teams competing.

Well, that’s nothing now! Today’s Gazette has an article on the SVC boys’ cross country championship. Unioto finished first in that competition with 15 points! That means the first five finishers in the conference championship were all from Unioto HS. But it was more amazing than that! They had the top six and nine of the top eleven finishers!

No matter whether you appreciate what it takes to be a championship quality cross country runner or not, for one school to dominate as Unioto HS did, is truly amazing!

Congratulations Unioto HS Cross Country team! Best wishes as you start down the road towards gaining a state championship!

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