Oct. 24: “Debate covers virus, climate, race”

By Jonathan Lemire, Michelle L. Price, Darlene Supperville and Will Weissert of the Associated Press

Politicians are almost funny if the results of elections were so serious. Just look at what Vice President Biden had to say about President Trump’s use of “Red States and Blue States” when talking about the Covid-19 virus.

“I don’t look at this in terms of the way he does – blue states and red states,” Biden said. “They’re all the United States.”‘

That sounds like a real statesman, but then he went on to say:

‘”And look at all the states that are having such a spike in the coronavirus – they’re the red states.”‘

So much for VP Biden and his claim that he doesn’t look at states as Red or Blue!

One of Biden’s favorite claims is that President Trump is responsible for all the Covid-19 deaths because he is president. He used that same thinking when he said:

‘”Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”‘

Blaming the president for all the Covid-19 deaths has been one of VP Biden’s favorite things to do, no matter how ridiculous it is to do it.

So what did VP Biden say about replacing fossil fuels with renewable sources of energy.

‘When Trump repeatedly asked Biden if he would “close down the oil industry” the Democrat standardbearer said he “would transition from the oil industry, yes” and that he would replace it by renewable energy “over time”.

The article goes on to explain that the Biden campaign sensed that had been a damaging statement so went on in an attempt to clean it up by stating:

‘”We’re not going to ban fossil fuels. We’ll get rid of the subsidies of fossil fuels but not going to get rid of fossil fuels for a long time.”‘

So Biden is claiming that he is not really going to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy over time, they are just going to get rid of fossil fuels some time in the distant future? Aren’t they the same things? They have now claimed a long time is equal to 2050 or thirty years from now. But will it ever be feasible to do away with all fossil fuels and covert 100% to renewables? (That will be the topic of another piece of mine in the near future.)

The topic of race was also covered:

“On race, Biden called out Trump’s previous refusals to condemn white supremacists.”

Yet President Trump has been on record denouncing the KKK and other white supremacists repeatedly. He’s done it repeatedly since being asked the question by Chris Wallace in the 2016 Presidential Debate and many times since. Democrats think it helps to claim he hasn’t to counter Biden’s “you’re not black” statement to a reporter if he needed to ask more questions to determine whether he should vote for Biden or Trump.

So on these topics VP Biden has truly shown himself to be a true politician. But is that what voters want?

PS: The October 25th “Life, Liberty & Levin” show featured a interview with Vice President Pence. The first segment of the show covered the Administration’s response to the Covid-19 virus outbreak and the Administration’s response. This is something every voter/resident who believes VP Biden and Sen. Harris when they claim the Trump Administration had no plan and still has no plan to deal with the virus outbreak should see. Vice President Pence, who led the task force, clearly outlined the steps they took from early in January to the current effort to develop and distribute a vaccine. If they are honest about what they hear they will come away understanding that the Trump Administration did have a plan and the Democrats aren’t telling the truth. And if they heard Vice President Biden’s press conference on his plan to address the virus they would know that the steps he outlines he would take in his plan are the same steps that the Trump Administration has already taken. It will be interesting to see if the media covers this at all. I won’t hold my breath!

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