Opinion: “The Irony of the Biden Election”

The election appears to be over. The media outlets have called it. While there are some legal challenges left in key states, there is a question as to whether they would impact enough votes to make a difference in the outcome. And now that the election has been “called”, would courts have the nerve to overturn the results if it were justified. I’m guessing they probably wouldn’t. So it is on to a Biden/Harris Administration. (Or is it a Harris/Biden Administration as they both claimed earlier this summer.)

One of the great ironies of the Biden/Harris Administration’s will come in its first year. Both Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris spent the campaign claiming that President Trump had no plan to deal with the Covid-19 virus from the beginning of its outbreak and through the summer. We had VP Biden and columnist like Dick Polman claiming President Trump was responsible for all 220,000 deaths. Obviously that wasn’t a serious claim, mere politics at its worse. And throughout the campaign the Covid-19 virus and the number of cases and deaths became the focus of our local paper and the major news outlets seemingly in concert with the Biden/Harris election efforts.

But that wasn’t the case. President Trump had a plan. It involved cutting off travel from China and then other countries with high case counts. Hospital beds were made available in areas where shortages were projected. The War Time Production Act was activated and a major effort was made in producing testing materials, PPE and equipment such as ventilators. Then there was the “warp speed” program for the development AND distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. And the plan that VP Biden outlined for dealing with the virus in his campaign sounded a lot like the plan that the Trump Administration had already put in place.

So one of the great ironies of the election is the success of the Biden/Harris Administration’s first year will be dependent on how successful the Trump Administration’s Covid-19 virus plan is. If it is successful, we can expect to have a vaccine available before VP Biden takes office. And if the distribution plan the Trump Administration has put in place is real, the most vulnerable to the impact of the virus could have the vaccine available to them before VP Biden is sworn into office.

But if VP Biden and Sen. Harris were correct when they claimed that the Trump Administration had no plan and still doesn’t, then the Biden/Harris Administration’s first year will be marred by high case counts and deaths due to the Covid-19 virus. So the greater the Biden/Harris campaign lie, the more successful their first year will be.

And that will be one of the great ironies of this year’s election!

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