Gazette: “The BIG Thanksgiving Day paper”

“The Big Thanksgiving Day paper” is the headline that greeted me when I took today’s paper out of the plastic wrapper and folded it out flat. Imagine my surprise to find out that the paper would be bigger than normal. So I checked out the sections:

Section# of PagesPages of Ads
Section A – News62+
Section B – Opinion41/4
Section C – Lifestyle61 1/4
Section D – Sports42

So what is so big about the Thanksgiving Day issue of the Chillicothe Gazette? There were only 20 pages when you exclude the separate advertisements and five and a half of them were taken up with advertisements. That left just fourteen actual pages of “news”. Is that really all that unusual for a Thursday paper? Not really. Especially when that Thursday is Thanksgiving.

As I searched the paper for the “Game page” to cut out for my wife, I came across something in Section B. It was a double wide (two pages) crossword puzzle titled “THE BIG CROSSWORD PUZZLE”. Now that is something “BIG” and unusual. But that left only twelve pages for the local, state and national news plus the normal Game page and obituaries. Nothing unusual or big about that.

I hear from many residents of Ross County, that’s one of the biggest reasons why they no long subscribe to the Chillicothe Gazette.

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