Opinion: Ford’s Plan to Transition to 100% Renewables

This morning ended my Thanksgiving Day responsibilities. I had the turkey in the roaster and it was well on its way to being done. The pumpkin pie looks great! I had a replacement pecan pie in the oven to replace the overcooked one we were about to throw away. And of course, the cranberry, whipped cream and pecan salad was in the refrigerator keeping cold. So it was time to catch a few minutes of sports.

As we watched the inevitable commercial came on. This time if was by Ford Motor Company telling us about its long history and how it has always kept pace with the times. It went on to brag about how it would be converting it vehicles, manufacturing facilities and other facilities to 100% renewable energy sources. I couldn’t help but ask:

“If Ford is really going to convert to 100% renewable energy sources how will it survive?”

While Ford no longer has all its facilities in Detroit, that still is what we think of when we think car manufacturing and Ford. So what does the Weather AP show for Detroit’s weather over the next ten days?:

DaySun vs CloudsHighLow
Thursday 11/26/20Heavy Clouds4641
Friday 11/27/20Heavy Clouds4530
Saturday 11/28/20Sunny4532
Sunday 11/29/20Sunny4834
Monday 11/30/20Heavy Clouds & Snow3727
Tuesday 12/1/20Heavy Clouds & Snow3427
Wednesday 12/2/20Partially Sunny3627
Thursday 12/3/20Partially Sunny3725
Friday 12/4/20Partially Sunny3628
Saturday 12/5/20Partially Sunny3928

With that weather pattern, who successful will Ford be in converting their entire company’s operations over to 100% renewable energy sources? I think you can guess. It would be a disaster. A disaster if they remain in Detroit.

But this kind of winter weather isn’t unusual for Detroit. The website currentresults.com show an average of four clear days and 120 hours of sunshine for Detroit in the month of January. That’s 120 hours of sun out of 744 total hours in January. And the same site shows that the average wind speed in January is only 11.7 mph for Detroit. That’s well below the rated speed for commercial wind turbines.

So if Detroit has long, cloudy and cold winters, how can it utilize solar panels for generating the necessary electricity to run its operations? And if the average wind speed is just above the speed at which turbines begin to function, but well below the speed where they are capable of producing their maximum level of electricity, what renewable energy source will Ford Motor Company be utilizing?

And what will happen to the demand for electricity when we have transitioned off of fossil fuels for transportation, industry and heating? It will increase dramatically!

Detroit is not unique in its weather patterns. Most of the Midwest and New England states have similar patterns. They include cold, cloudy and slightly windy winters and hot, partially cloudy and nearly windless summers. Since solar and wind are the two major sources of renewable energy supplies (electricity) that transitioning away from fossil fuels hardly makes sense.

That’s especially true if you understand that the man-made global warming crisis is a man-made hoax! See other blog postings under climate change for more on that topic!

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