11/26: “Journalist Bernstein says Sen. Portman despises President Trump”

by Scott Wartman of the Cincinnati Enquirer

Scott’s article starts off with the following:

“Sen. Portman has rarely criticized President Donald Trump in the past four years.”

That would seem to be the opposite of what the headline indicates. So what happened?

But the article goes on to talk about how Carl Bernstein has tweeted that Sen. Portman has “repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump & his fitness to be POTUS.”

He also reports Bernstein tweeted “With few exceptions, their craven public silence has helped enable Trump’s most grievous conduct including undermining and discrediting the US electoral system.” So what is going on here?

Sen. Portman is up for election in just two short years. Ohio went heavily for Trump. So for Democrats to have a chance to beat Sen. Portman, they have to distance him from Trump’s supporters. Could this be their first attempt?

So despite the fact that a spokesperson for Sen. Portman denied the report that he didn’t support Trump’s re-election or that Sen. Portman had ever talked to Carl Bernstein, the Cincinnati Enquirer reporter thought this was a news worthy article to write and the Chillicothe Gazette thought it was worthy of including it in its Thanksgiving Day issue?

Fortunately for Sen. Portman, very few Republicans in Ross County get or read the Chillicothe Gazette so it won’t have much impact on driving a wedge between Sen. Portman and Trump supporters. And in case you didn’t know, voters in Ross County voted for Trump over Biden by more than a two to one margin.

I’m guessing that Sen. Portman will have nothing to worry about in 2022. That is unless he has a strong opponent in the primary elections.

PS: Will the Gazette ever learn? Not as long as advertisers keep buying ads and keeping them in business.

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