11/29/20: “Scientists issue a rare call to action on climate”

by Ian James of the Arizona Republic /USA Today Network

In this full page article the struggle to save an endangered species of fish is detailed. And along with that, it details concerns that some scientist have in preserving a large portion of Earth’s surface in its wild state to help maintain the planet’s ecosystems. This certainly is a lofty goal, especially considering what is occurring in some parts of the world.

The scientist most quoted is Prof. Bonar of the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources. Some of his quotes are:

“it is time to acknowledge the urgent need to act to address climate change.”

“Bonar said he feels sad seeing inaction on climate change.”

“If we don’t control emissions, then a lot of our aquatic ecosystems as we know them can disappear.”

Certainly we should all be concerned about our environment and do what we can to maintain it. Pumping ground water to meet the needs of people can have negative affects like land subsidence. Damming rivers to generate electricity have impacts on wildlife like salmon spawning. But do the scientists really think that we can stop climate change? And how much of that change is due to humans verses naturally occurring?

Obviously the climate is changing. It has been changing for the better for nearly 20,000 years. 22,000 years ago huge sheets of ice called glaciers covered most of what is now Canada, the Midwest and New England. That made those regions uninhabitable by plant life, animals and humans. The same was true for much of northern Asia and possibly northern Europe. The glaciers have melted and forest and wildlife thrive where it was impossible for them to just a short 20,000 years ago.

What made the population of North America possible? It was climate change that bound up such huge quantities of fresh water from the oceans that a land bridge formed from Asia to North America. It is believed that nomadic hunters followed herds of animals such as wholly mammoth across the land bridge into North America. The land bridge between the two continents no longer exists. What caused it disappear? The same thing that caused it to appear. Climate change!

The four corners area of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah has been populated by humans for thousands of years. The culture of those people is called the Anasazi Culture and at its peak involved the famous cliff dwellings. What allowed them to gather in larger groups was farming. What made their farming successful was irrigation. Around 1300 AD the cliff dwellings were abandoned. What caused that is still uncertain. But two of the major candidates are disease and climate change.

So when any scientist says we need to act to stop climate change two important questions arise:

  • What would be the ideal climate to stop the change at?
  • Can we actually stop climate change?

If we could stop climate change, what would be the perfect climate? The problem with that question is we are a big planet. So the perfect climate in one place might mean an imperfect climate in others. The perfect example is 22,000 years ago. The areas around the equator were well adapted to life while the areas further north and south were inhospitable. While there is somewhat of a global climate do to distance from the sun, sun spot activity and tilt of the planet, etc., other factors are due to location and topography. California will have a much different climate than the upper Midwest. The upper Midwest’s climate will be similar to places like Germany while California will be similar to southern France and Italy. So what would be the best global climate to stop at?

Obviously that is a ridiculous question to debate. It might be interesting to contemplate, but we can’t stop climate change. A look back at the last 400,000 years of North American climate history tells us that.

Source: September 2004 National Geographic

We see that there are natural cycles that occur including brief (in climate terms) periods of warmth similar to what we are now experiencing followed by a dramatic decline in temperature and eventually glacial advances. This pattern has actually been traced back for approximately 800,000 years or half of the life the present Ice Age.

This is just recent climate history. Earth and its “climate” has been changing for as long as it has existed. As I traveled by plane a few years back I picked up the travel magazine they supplied. There was fascinating article about the massive salt deposits and mines under modern day Detroit. That indicates there once was a massive sea in what is now central North America.

For supposed scientists to call me a “science denier” because I happen to understand that our climate is constantly changing in regular patterns is amusing. Because I understand this real climate science, I call them the “climate liars”. They appear to be lying about real science for political purposes, not out of great concern for the environment, but out of a plan for global control. And it appears that VP Biden is wanting to make John Kerry his new climate czar. Then we will really have science controlled by politicians. That never ends well!

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