12/03/20: “UN chief: Go carbon-free and cease ‘war on nature'”

by Seth Borenstein and Frank Jordon of the Associated Press

The article talks about how the use of carbon based fuels is warming the planet starting in the last half of the 1800’s. These types of articles often appear just prior to an upcoming UN climate summit. It looks like this is another case of that occurring. The article states “…the UN gears up for a Dec. 12 virtual climate summit in France on the fifth anniversary of the landmark 2015 Paris climate agreement.”

I decided to check my IPhone weather AP to see what the ten day weather forecast for Paris is. Paris is forecasted to have heavy cloud cover today. The same is true for the next four days. Then Paris gets a reprieve from the heavy cloud cover with a partially cloudy day. That is predicted to be followed by four more days with heavy cloud cover.

London, England has a similar forecast with nine days of heavy cloud cover and one day of with partially cloudy weather. Berlin, Germany had the same forecast as London. The forecast for Rome, Italy was even worse, if that is even possible. Each of the ten days shown in its forecast shows not only heavy cloud cover, but also a chance of rain. Copenhagen, Denmark is also showing ten days of heavy cloud cover. Lisbon, Portugal has the best weather forecast with two partially cloudy days and eight days of heavy cloud cover and rain. But this isn’t all that unusual. It is winter in the Northern Hemisphere and winter weather there is cold and cloudy.

So you would think that the obvious question for the countries in the Northern Hemisphere would be “If we are going to go “carbon-free” how do we generate electricity in the winter months?” But it doesn’t seem like the question is even being asked.

The article goes on to say “U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres delivered another urgent appeal to curb climate change.” Antonio is from Portugal so you would think he would be concerned about transitioning from fossil fuels. But so far there is no indication he is.

As I’ve talked about in prior blogs, there are only three real options for “carbon-free” electricity production. The options are water, wind and solar. Water has limited application except in unusual locations with large rivers and substantial declines in elevation. Solar needs sunshine so has limited application for several months of the year in most of the planet. And wind is only applicable to select places like coastlines or higher elevations. And even those places are prone to periods of wind lull.

The article states as fact that “Most trapped heat goes into the world’s seas…”. But does that mean heat sinks? No it doesn’t. Heat is transferred from the Earth’s surface by radiation. So as science has taught for centuries, heat rises. That is how the planet cools itself. The greenhouse gases that are blamed for the warming are in the atmosphere. So if heat rises, and the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap the gas and keep it from escaping, it would make sense atmospheric temperatures would have risen significantly in the last 50 years. A good source of information on this and global warming in general is Dr. Roy Spencer’s website.

Of course there is a fourth alternative if we go “carbon-free” and that is to have no or limited electricity for prolonged periods of time. That option would leave much of the northern hemisphere without heat during the winter! ‘”In 2020, over 50 million people have been doubly hit: by climate-related disasters…and COVID-19 pandemic,” the report said’. If you can imagine the Northern Hemisphere in the winter without fossil fuels you can imagine a lot more than 50 million people being impacted. And many of them will be in Secretary-General Guterres’s home country of Portugal!

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