12/09/20: “Ohio governor” Lethal injection no longer execution option”

by Julie Carr Smyth, Farnoush Amiri and Andrew Welsh-Huggins of the Associated Press

“Lethal injection is no longer an option for Ohio executions, and lawmakers must choose a different method of capital punishment before any inmates can be put to death in the future…”

The article goes on to explain further with the following:

“DeWine said he still supports capital punishment as Ohio law. But he has come to question its value…

So if Gov. DeWine questions the value of capital punishment, does he really still support capital punishment as Ohio law? It doesn’t sound like it.

Former Speaker Larry Householder suggested “…the state should reconsider capital punishment because of its cost…”

How does that make any sense? We’re going to stop executing individuals who carry out the most heinous crimes because the executions are too costly? So what will happen to the criminals? Will they be given a life sentence? If so, doesn’t that mean the state will have to pay for their housing, feeding and clothing for the rest of their lives? How much will that cost taxpayers? I suspect it will be much more than the cost of their execution!

So now that the state can’t use lethal injection for executions, what method will the Legislature come up with? Maybe it will be firing squad or hanging? (I think we tried them before and stopped because they were cruel and unusual punishment.) The electric chair was supposed to be the answer to hanging, but that was stopped too. Stoning was the punishment in the Bible, but we consider that barbaric now. I guess that leaves us with beheading as the only option. But ISIS gave that a bad name too!

So what method will the Legislature have to chose from? It looks like they have all been eliminated, doesn’t it? So maybe that was the real purpose of stopping lethal injections.

So now taxpayers are stuck supporting individuals responsible for the most heinous crimes while they live out their lives as others pay for their room, board and clothing.

And the taxpayers have had little, if any say in the decision?

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