12/10/20: “While Trump thought courts were key to winning, judges disagreed”

by Colleen Long and Ed White of the Associated Press

Located next to the Obituaries in today’s Gazette is the above article by the Associated Press. The subheading of the article is:

“Over 35 of about 50 suits have been dropped or dismissed”

By my math that means that 15 suits haven’t been dismissed and it is unclear if that includes the latest suit to be filed by the state of Texas and joined by sixteen other states. So the article may be premature as it goes on and outlines how judges have dismissed suits.

But rather than go through the rest of the article in which they outline various suits and their outcomes, all we really needed to do is read the first paragraph.

“President Donald Trump and his allies say their lawsuits aimed at subverting the 2020 election and reversing his loss to Joe Biden…”

Let’s read this closely again!

“…lawsuits aimed at subverting the 2020 election…”

So the lawsuits were “aimed at subverting the 2020 election”, not aimed at exposing what they believed were efforts by the Democrats to subvert the 2020 election?

I suspect the Gazette looked for space for this article and just happened to find it next to the Obituaries. But the placement of this article is perfect as it is just the latest example of the death of American “journalism” to appear in the Chillicothe Gazette.

And as far as the Trump and Trump ally lawsuits? Listing them in the obituary section is a bit premature. They haven’t died until the last lawsuit is dismissed.

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