12/13/20: “World leaders set fresh climate goals”

by Frank Jordans and Jeff Schaeffer of the Associated Press

The article covers a virtual climate conference celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate Accords. It was hosted by Britain, France, Italy and Chile.

So what is the ten day weather forecast for the major city in those four countries? (I’ve added my hometown as a fifth.)

CityClear DaysPartly CloudyCloudyPotential Rain
or Snow
London, England0199
Paris, France0198
Rome, Italy3432
Santiago, Chile9100
Chillicothe, OH USA1363
Source: IPhone Weather AP 12/13/20 at 8:50 AM USA Central Time Zone

What explains the big difference between the Santiago weather forecast and the weather forecast for the other four cities? Santiago is in the southern hemisphere which is experiencing summer and the remaining four cities are in the northern hemisphere which are experiencing winter. Winter in the northern hemisphere is marked by cold, cloudy weather.

“Meeting the temperature target will require a phasing-out of fossil fuels…”

So if we eliminate fossil fuels what are we left with to supply our heat, electricity and power? Typically we think of solar as the main alternative. But how much electricity would solar supply over the next ten days in Europe and the North America? Not much!

The southern hemisphere will have its turn at winter in six months and it will become summer in the northern hemisphere. That is how our planet’s climate works. Part of the year is summer and part of the year is winter with transition periods between the two called spring and fall. And it doesn’t matter how many climate conferences our “leaders” call, and how they restrict the use of fossil fuels, that won’t change.

In the meantime I’m glad our house is heated by a gas furnace. It is the cheapest and cleanest way to heat a house in an Ohio winter. And an Ohio winter is on its way which means we will be having cold cloudy weather over the next three to four months.

“…an increase of 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit since pre-industrial times…”

The second industrial revolution is usually considered the end of the “pre-industrial times” and is credited with starting in 1870. But that is also the end of an unusually cold period of time known as the Little Ice Age. Did the industrial revolution cause the end of the LIA or is it mainly coincidence that they occurred at roughly the same time. Either way, most people I know are glad that winters aren’t as cold and snowy as they once were. (I may be one of the few exceptions to that way of thinking.)

“The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period.” “It has been conventionally defined as a period extending from the 16th to the (mid) 19th centuries…” Source: Wikipedia (Wikipedia has changed the graph of recent climate history associated with this topic to Prof. Mann’s Hockey Stick chart which eliminates the LIA, but they can’t actually eliminate the Little Ice Age. It is too well established in art, literature, history and SCIENCE!)

The goal is to eliminate fossil fuel use by 2050. But what will take its place as the main source for heating homes and fueling our economies? In the northern hemisphere it won’t be solar for nearly half of the year!

But what does that leave? Hopefully “President Elect” Biden gives us that answer “on day one of (his) presidency”.

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