01/01/20: “Census Bureau to miss deadline…”

Author not identified: located under Nation & World Watch section

In what seems like a perfect ending to the Trump Administration, the Census Bureau has missed the deadline for submitting the census numbers that will be used for dividing the congressional seats between the states.

On the surface this doesn’t seem so important. Bureaucrats often miss deadlines. Probably the best example of that is the Social Security Trustees’ Trust Fund Report to Congress. Under President Bush’s Administration the report was usually transmitted before the March 31st due date. Under President Obama’s Administration on average it was a two and half months late. During President Trump’s Administration it has been mixed with the last two years being less than a month late.

What explains the difference?

President Bush took the Trustee’s concerns seriously and made sure Congress was aware of them by issuing the report on time. President Obama and the Democrats used Social Security as a political weapon against the Republicans so his administration delayed the release of the reports so the worsening condition of the Social Security Trust Fund wouldn’t be used in the initial congressional budget discussions. President Trump ran on the promise to protect Social Security (not change) so his administration delayed the first two reports.

So why is the Census Bureau failing to meet the deadline for releasing the new census numbers? The excuse will be the same as the excuse has been for everything the last nine months. The Covid-19 virus. But I doubt that is the real reason. A clue to the real reason can be found in the middle of the article.

“That delay could undermine President Donald Trump’s effort to exclude people in the country illegally from the count if the figures aren’t turned in before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.”

So it appears it is coming down to politics once again!

It comes down to the question of who should be represented in Congress? Should it be all people residing in the United States, whether they came legally or illegally or are non-citizens or citizens? The answer that would seem obvious is that members of the House of Representatives should be representing citizens. Theoretically that is who elects them since the right to vote in national elections is reserved for citizens. But for years illegal residents have been counted in the total census numbers giving states with a higher than average level of illegal residents more representation in Congress than they would otherwise get if only citizens were counted. That also means that states with lower levels of illegal residents get less representation in Congress.

President Trump understood the unfairness of the prior counts and made the change to exclude illegal residents from the total. Democrats, illegal rights groups and the media have fought that change ever since. Only it was only recently resolved in the Trump Administration’s favor by the Supreme Court.

So what we are left with is bureaucrats taking the matter into their own hands. When they can’t win on an issue in the public arena or in the legal arena, they win by other means. In this case they ignore the President’s instructions and it appears they just delay issuing the results of the 2020 census until a new president is sworn in who thinks individuals who came to the United States illegally should have a say in our nation’s political arena.

Once upon a time…. is how stories of old began. So it is with a new story.

Once upon a time the citizens of the United States elected a President and the President controlled the Executive Branch. But that isn’t the case any longer. Now we elect a President for show and the Federal Government bureaucrats in Washington do as they think best. Whether that is attempting to remove a validly elected President, ignoring his instructions to release previously classified information or ensuring that only the number of citizens each state has is used in determining each state’s representation in the House of Representatives!

And who knows how many other ways the bureaucrats are undermining our current duly elected President. I’m sure there are many more! So that’s a story we may not want to hear the ending of.

It sure isn’t what our Founding Fathers envisioned!

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