01/09/2021: “I’m ticked at DeWine, Portman and myself”

by Jason Williams of the Cincinnati Enquirier

The attacks have started. Any Republican who hasn’t been denouncing President Trump strongly enough since the election is mostly likely unfit for holding office in the future. At least that sounds like what Jason Williams is implying in his article. It is interesting that Sen. Portman is a target of this disappointment. Sen. Portman is one of the Republicans senators up for reelection in 2022. Coincidence?

Jason starts off praising Gov. DeWine and Sen. Portman stating they “…are two of the most respected Republicans in the nation…”. He even calls them “political giants” and as such wants them to chastise the president for expressing the feelings that many in this nation have. The Democrats used mail in voting, changes in signature verification, mass ballot mailing and other methods to ensure that VP Biden was elected President. They were aided in this effort by most of the media and “big tech”.

But that’s not really what his article is about. He makes that clear when he adds: “Powerful Republicans nationwide should be doing some soul-searching today and kicking themselves for giving Trump a mostly four-year free pass.” Taken literally, Jason Williams, the fair-minded Cincinnati Enquirer journalist, thinks that “powerful Republicans” should have spoken out against President-Elect and then President Trump starting before he took office. He regrets not doing the same himself.

I have my own concerns about those very same powerful political giants. But I have many more concerns about the elected members of Congress, especially those who have been serving for many years. But mainly I have concerns about Congressional Democrats. Unfortunately I don’t have the platform that Jason Williams has to let those concerns be known.

A couple days ago I decided to check to see what the National Debt and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) were at the end of fiscal year 2020 (September 30th). I found the National Debt stood at $27.5 trillion and the GDP was at $21.6 trillion. That’s a Debt to GDP ratio value over 127%! Wasn’t it just 96% in 2011? Wasn’t it only 111% after fighting WWII?

Wait a minute. You mean our nation’s debt now exceeds the size of our economy by nearly $6 trillion dollars? I remember when I first wrote about our national debt in 1996. Our National Debt was less than $6 trillion back then. But it is worse than just three months ago. With the normal deficit spending Congress approved and the second stimulus program they just passed, the nation’s debt is now approaching $30 trillion. (I’ll be sharing more information on this in future blogs and additions to my website.)

Another concern I have is why Congress has failed to pass meaningful reforms to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid along with the mass of other programs that are bankrupting our nation. The Social Security Trustees have included a statement in their last sixteen annual reports urging Congress to make changes in a timely way so the impact will be planned for and less disruptive. But Democrats have delayed the reforms because it has been too helpful to them in Congressional elections. And journalists like Jason Williams have never called the Democrats out for doing that.

I’ve written a email to Jason expressing some of the things I’m “ticked off” about and who I blame for them. It will be interesting to see if he responds or starts to address them. I won’t hold my breath waiting!

So we have a media obsessed with condemning President Trump and ensuring he has no place in the future of American politics. But if President Trump is gone, someone else will rise up and lead the charge in expressing many Americans’ concerns on how broken our system really is. It’s too bad we don’t have a mainstream media, such as Gannett, to count on doing the same.

One thought on “01/09/2021: “I’m ticked at DeWine, Portman and myself”

  1. Alan: I wish you had half the outrage for the events of the past week, that you do for the Democrats. That any reasonable person could look at what Trump has done and fail to call it what it is, an attack on and betrayal of our country, is beyond my understanding. Trump was right; he can shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and his followers don’t care.


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