01/11/21: “GOP senators urge Trump to resign”

by Darlene Superville, Alan Fram and Mary Clare Jaionick of the Associated Press

When I first read the headline to the story I was surprised. My first question was “How many are there?” The answer to the question came quickly. The beginning of paragraph two identified two of them. Both have been critics of President Trump for some time now.

So why didn’t the headline state “Two GOP senators urge Trump to resign” or “Two GOP senators who have been long term critics of Trump urge him to resign”. Those would have been more representative of the actual article than suggesting it was wide spread in the GOP Seenate.

But an even more accurate title for the article might be one of the following:

“Democrats continue effort to remove President Trump that they started before his election”

Or something like the following might be even more accurate:

“Democrats plot to find way to keep President Trump from running in 2024”

The article includes the following:

‘”Let’s give President-elect Biden the 100 days he needs to get his agenda off and running,” Clyburn said. “And maybe we will send the articles sometime after that.”

But won’t President Trump be out of office by then? And if he is such a great threat to the nation, how can you wait 100 days or more?

“Another idea being considered is to have a separate vote that would prevent Trump from ever holding office again.”

So with that, I think it is pretty clear. The Democrats aren’t really worried that Donald Trump might do something horrible while still in office. They are worried that he might run again in 2024. But if he really lost by 7 million votes this year why would they be worried about 2024. And if the Democrats’ agenda is so popular that Biden received over 10 million votes than President Obama, why are they worried about President Trump running again?

But it sure seems they are. It is hard to explain exactly why that is?

Maybe the journalists at the Associated Press should have been asking those questions too!

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