01/17/21: “Falling prey to entirely unfounded fears”

An editorial by The Marietta Times

In this editorial The Marietta Times expresses concerns over the fact that many healthcare workers are expressing concerns about taking the Covid-19 vaccine. In a front page article concern was expressed that African Americans were concerned about being vaccinated. In other articles we seen how black athletes are being recruited to promote the vaccines. Both talk about the efforts being made to medical journals, the media and others in promoting vaccination so why are so many reluctant? Is it just a natural response or were they told they should be warry of any “Trump” vaccinations by someone?

Let’s start by reviewing some of the columns by the Gazette’s favorite columnist, Dick Polman:

9/12/20: “Who wants to inject Trump vaccine?” In this column Dick doesn’t promote people taking the vaccine when it became available, but expresses concerns on how it would be foolish to take one that was developed while President Trump was in office.

9/16/20: “Trump knew the danger. End of story.” In this column Dick states that “…he (Trump) has now shot and killed 190,000.” He wasn’t stating that President Trump had actually shot people, but that he was responsible for their deaths due to his response, or lack of it, to the Covid-19 virus. There wasn’t one word in the column that promoted the use of a vaccine once one was available. Considering how close this column came to his last one, it would only enforce peoples concerns about one.

9/25/20: “Dr. Trump can’t resist looking foolish on virus” He included the following in this column: “Trump and his death-cult party members…”. There was nothing in this column about the need for the taking of the virus.

So in the space of just two weeks the Chillicothe Gazette published three columns by Dick Polman in which he ridicules President Trump, his response to the Covid-19 response and tells people that they would be foolish to take the vaccine unless President Trump took it first to prove it was safe. How many other Gannett papers used these very same columns by Dick Polman? Why would any newspaper give space to his outrageous and provably false claims that President Trump was responsible for all the Covid-19 deaths? Where would he get the idea to make that claim in the first place?

September 27th the Gazette carried a column in the Opinion section by USA Today. The headline was “200,000 souls are asking their fellow Americans why?” It included the following: “Much of the blame lies at the hands of an astonishingly incompetent and politically motivated Trump administration”. Those are pretty harsh words from USA Today. And if the Trump administration was really that incompetent and only politically motivated, why would anyone take a vaccine developed while he was in office. After all, Dick Polman told us how foolish it would be., didn’t he?

In a September 23 article regarding President Trump and the virus by Darrel Rowland of the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette and USA Today Network he makes a very good point. “Trump’s response to the coronavirus remains a major campaign issue…” Truer words were rarely spoken.

Vice President Biden and Senator Harris spent much of their time focusing on the Covid-19 virus. In her speech given early in the last day of the Republicans’ convention Sen. Harris claimed that President Trump’s administration was responsible for many, if not most of the deaths the US had experienced. She falsely claimed that the Trump Administration had no plan to begin with and still had no plan (in late August). Vice President Biden also joined in the chorus of criticism of President Trump and his administration’s response. An October 24th article on the second Presidential Debate Julie Pace of the Associated Press quoted Biden as saying: “Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States.” He also blamed Trump for all the deaths from the virus, even mistakenly claiming there had been 200,000,000 deaths, not the actual number of 200,000.

So Vice President Biden and Senator Harris spent the entire campaign casting doubts on the Trump Administration’s handling of the virus as did many in the media. They also cast doubts on any vaccine that was developed under the Trump Administration. And the media covered this as if it were true and included columns that told people that they would be foolish to take the vaccine.

And now they wonder why many people, especially those who typically vote for Democrats, might be reluctant to be vaccinated? Maybe the Democrats, media and columnists should have thought about that when they were using the virus as a political weapon against President Trump in the 2020 campaign.

PS: I submitted a column to the Gazette pointing out the false and inflammatory statements VP Biden and Sen. Harris were making regarding the virus and the Trump Administration’s response to it. However it never made it to the paper. It didn’t fit their narrative and it might have hurt Biden’s chance in the election. Gannett and the Gazette could let that happen! You can read what I wrote here.

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