01/19/2021: “Freezing weather brings much of Europe misery”

by Vanessa Gera of the Associated Press

The article tells us “extreme cold has hit large parts of Europe,…”. The article goes on to talk about extremely cold weather in the Balkans (in southern Europe) and snow in Istanbul.

But it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere so cold weather is expected. And all of Europe is in the Northern Hemisphere so, again, cold weather is expected. So what makes this weather worth reporting on. The article tells us: “Extreme cold has hit large parts of Europe, with freezing temperatures.” It goes on to tell us it includes “Snowing blanketing the Turkish city of Istanbul and smog spiking as coal was being burned to generate heat. Also “Temperatures dropped to minus 18 F in some Polish areas overnight, the coldest night in 11 years.” This is extreme weather for some of these locations.

This year’s extremely cold weather follows articles from last January about a snowfall that covered much of Saudi Arabia’s north-west desert. In recent years there have been more reports on snow in parts of the Mid-East which have rarely seen snow in past years. So what is going on?

Climate does change. So is this a change in our climate? And if so, what should we expect?

The September, 2004 issue of the National Geographic Magazine included a chart of the climate changes the Antarctic continent has experienced over the last four hundred thousand years.

Others have put together charts of the changing climate over the last several thousand years.

So why, when we are told that we just experienced one of the hottest years in history, are we experiencing extreme cold weather in Europe or elsewhere? Is it possible that we may be approaching the dramatic change in climate that the National Geographic chart indicates might just be over due?

Only time will tell!

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