01/23/2021: “Trump showed he didn’t care about Ohioans”

by Jason Williams of the Cincinnati Enquirer

Today’s Chillicothe Gazette devoted most of its Opinion page to attempting to convince us of the importance of “red and blue” working together to solve our nation’s problems. That was the theme of the Guest Editorial by the Columbus Dispatch. “Commit to serving the civic good” was the headline and topic of a peace by multiple employees of USA Today. But it seems that was too much getting along for the Chillicothe Gazette. They had to include at least one “anti-Trump” piece to go with the others. This time it was the above referenced piece by Jason Williams, a political columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Chillicothe Gazette is the “paper of record” for Ross County, Ohio. So did they think Jason’s column would be well accepted? Was he preaching to the choir when he stated “And stop kidding yourselves and accept that Donald Trump is an unrepentant jackass.”

But what if we don’t accept that fact. What if we actually believed and still believe that President Trump cared about every citizen of Ohio and every other state in the union? It appears that Jason Williams thinks we are all fools if we believe that and don’t accept the “facts” he puts forward as true.

Jason finishes up his piece by pointing out that he was “Gallia County born and raised“.

I couldn’t help but wonder how did the residents of Gallia County vote this past November:

Biden/Harris = 2,990 (21.6%) and Trump/Pence = 10,645 (77.1%)

So the editor of the Chillicothe Gazette thought it was appropriate to include a column by a Gannett employee originally from Gallia County who thinks that nearly 80% of the voters from his native county disagreed with his statement on whether President Trump cared for Ohioans? And how did that column convince the the two thirds of voters in Ross County who voted in the presidential election for President Trump that there is even the slightest possibility that “red and blue” can find enough common ground to work together.

Jason states “They’ve made you, the regular Trump supporter, look bad.” just who is “they”? Is it journalists like Jason that take every opportunity possible to ridicule President Trump and his supporters, even when that includes most of the voters from their native county? Is it the Democrat Party’s Congressional leadership team that thinks that they must impeach (remove from office) a President who is no longer in office? Or is it editors who think it is going get “red and blue” to work together even after if they include a column like Jason’s in their paper.

In my opinion, those are the people left looking bad!

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