01/24/2021: “Trump passes on ‘ex-presidents club'”

by Will Weissert and Deb Riechmann of the Associated Press

Sometimes when I read an article in the Gazette all I can do is shake my head and smile. This is certainly one of them!

The article, as others have done in the past weeks, has pointed out that President Trump chose not to attend Biden’s inauguration. This article seems to suggest it was an inappropriate thing to do. But President Trump said he didn’t want to be a distraction by attending and President-Elect had agreed with that decision. So Trump decided to leave Washington and fly back to his home in Florida. Hadn’t he just been accused of inciting an insurrection? Hadn’t he just been impeached? Yet the writers present his decision in a bad light, rather than common sense considering all that has just go on.

The article goes on to tell us that Trump’s behavior started before he even took office. ‘“After his election victory in November 2016, Obama hosted Trump at the White House promising to ‘do everything we can to help you succeed. Trump responded, “I look forward to being with you many more times in the future” but that never happened.'” “Instead Trump accused Obama of spying on his campaign…”

Have Will and Deb spent any time reviewing the growing evidence coming from declassified documents that show that the Obama Administration did spy on the Trump campaign. That they used false evidence in FISA requests to get permission to do so. That after his election they undermined Trump’s incoming National Security team. And Obama’s supporters and left overs from his Administration continued the Russia Collusion investigation long after they knew there was no evidence supporting it. So if that’s “doing everything to help you succeed” I would hate to see what President Obama and the Democrats would do if they were doing everything to help you fail! I can’t imagine it would have been anything different.

But Trump is breaking tradition and not joining in a group of former Presidents? Let’s see what those former presidents did. Carter criticized Trump on numerous occasions. Clinton wasn’t as outspoken against Trump, but his wife proposed the Russia Collusion story to take the focus of attention away from her illegal use of a private server and 30,000 missing emails. She repeatedly claimed the election was stolen from her and Trump was an illegitimate President. President Obama worked to stop Trump from taking office and then later to have him removed. That might leave someone hesitant to join in their circle. And as the article says, Trump concluded ‘”I don’t think I’ll be accepted.”‘

The article goes on to state that “current and former presidents sometimes loathed each other, and criticizing their successors isn’t unheard of. It goes on to give three examples. The most recent were President Obama and Carter. They had to reach back a hundred years to Teddy Roosevelt for their example of a Republican former President acting in this manner.

The article finishes with the following: ‘“I think Trump has taken it too far,” Brower said. “I don’t think that these former presidents will welcome him at any point.”‘

Considering all that has taken place over the last five years I don’t blame President Trump for questioning whether he wants to be part of a group that undermined his term in office and his attempt at re-election. At this point in time doing anything else would just looks phony! Our Country doesn’t need more phony. We’ve had plenty of that in recent years.

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