01/24/21: “Ohio ranks last for administering second doses of COVID-19 vaccines”

by Jackie Borchardt of the Cincinnati Enquirer and USA TODAY NETWORK

The article starts off by stating “Ohio is dead last among states in administering a second does of the coronavirus to residents…” That sounds pretty bad for the Governor’s Administration. Next it goes on to state the following in reference to the the first week the Pfizer vaccine was available: “That left only 9,750 doses for hospitals to administer to front-line health care workers. Meanwhile, other states such as Illinois and Texas, put all their initial Pfizer does towards health care workers.” Again it sounds bad for Ohio. So what is going on?

You have to go well past the halfway point of the article to get good news. And what was the good news? “Ohio is second in the country for number of nursing home residents and staff who have received second doses…” So how did the current administration choose to prioritize nursing home residents and staff over other Ohio Residents?

You get a sense on why Ohio chose nursing homes over others near the end of the article. The article states “Ohio has about 72,000 nursing home residents…” It also goes on to say “About 52% of all Ohio COVID-19 deaths have been nursing home residents…”. So half of Ohio’s COVID-19 Deaths have occurred in 0.6% of Ohio’s population! It goes on to state that “Gov. Mike DeWine has cited mortality statistics to support moving nursing home residents and seniors to the front of the line to get scarce vaccines.” Imagine that, using actual mortality statistics to prioritize who gets vaccinated first? Doesn’t that sound logical to you? It does to me.

So if Ohio is leading the Nation, or at least in second place, in protecting the most vulnerable of its population, wouldn’t you think that would be the headline and main focus of the story. But it wasn’t. And why is there a story about the use of the first 100,000 doses in the first place when the article goes on to say that Ohio has now (at the time the article was written) received “more than 1.2 million doses…”.

Finding something negative to report about the current Governor and his Administration seems to be a priority for this journalist. But is that what a journalist is supposed to do?

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