02/03/2021: “Democrats make case for convicting Trump”

by Eric Tucker and Mary Clare Jaionick of the Associated Press

The article starts off with the following:

“Donald Trump endangered the lives of all members of Congress when he aimed a mob of supporters ‘like a loaded cannon” at the U.S. Capitol, House Democrats said Tuesday…”

The congressional Democrats have long been known for hyper statements, but this might be one of the biggest overstatement of all time.

First off, I’d like to say that I was disgusted and saddened at what I saw unfold that day. I’ve attended peaceful rallies at the Capitol Building before. I was one of those who peacefully marched to the Capitol Building during the first Tea Party event in DC. I was proud at the behavior of the crowd and their respect for property and grounds over ten years ago. I also attended the “tea party” healthcare rally which also went off without any incidents. So I was saddened to see another powerful rally of dedicated and peaceful citizens get hijacked by a small segment of the overall crowd. Once I saw that occur I knew that many would use it to ignore the message the rally was meant to send.

“…like a loaded cannon…”: There was a time when cannons were one of the most powerful weapons of war. They inflicted tremendous damage on the enemy. Depending on the type of shot they were loaded with they were either designed to kill the maximum possible number of opponents (grape shot) or inflict the maximum damage on forts and ships (solid shot). Neither was the case during this riot. In fact, the videos of the riot don’t show the rioters to have guns in their possession or to have used any guns at all. The only firearm that I’ve seen reportedly used was the weapon of a capitol police officer.

“…endangered the lives of all members of Congress…”: Rep. Talib is one of those members of Congress who suffered trauma due to the riot. She has explained how she suffered it as she watched the riot on television. Rep. Cortez has described how she was traumatized by the Capitol Building riot while she was protected by capitol police in her Cannon office building far from the Capitol Building, itself. Were all the members of Congress’s lives endangered? If so, how many suffered “battle” wounds or ended up needing emergency care, life flight evacuation or time in the critical care unit of Walter Reed Hospital. Not one that I’ve heard of.

It’s a tragedy that five individuals did die. But as the real facts have come out, only one of the five died from actual weapons discharge and that was one of the rioters. At first we heard claims that Officer Sicknick was hit in the head by a by a fire extinguisher. Later reports stated that there was no signs showing that he had suffered blunt force trauma. A blow to the head would have certainly left some sign it had occurred. So as of a February 6th article by Danielle Wallace of Fox News the medical examiner has still not determined the cause of the officers death. The other three individuals are reported to have suffered medical emergencies and died as a result of them.

The article goes on to say:

“The dueling filings offer the first public glimpse of the arguments that both sides intend to present at the impeachment trial, Trump’s second.”

Yes this is Trump’s second impeachment trial. He is the first President to suffer that fate. But I’m guessing, he may also be the first president to have members of Congress and the media talk about impeachment on their first day in office. Now they want to have a trial after he has left the office and we have a new president?

It is just one more example of the extraordinary and outrageous things Democrats and the Washington “Swamp” have used against this duly elected president. And the “journalists” at the Associated Press are right there rooting the Democrats on!

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