02/10/2021: “Global warming triggers earlier release of pollen”

by Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press

The article shows a picture of Dr. Stanley Fineman with the Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Center in Atlanta. It quotes him saying “Pollen really follows the temperature.” This is not only is logical, but it follows science.

22,000 years ago massive sheets of ice extended from the Arctic and Greenland to as far south as south central Ohio. We’re told that those sheets of ice (glaciers) were as much as a mile thick and held enough fresh water that sea levels dropped approximately 400 feet. Those glaciers melted over the last 20,000 years allowing vegetation to grow with where the glaciers had been. More growing plants (and trees) means more pollen. So we’ve seen increasing levels of pollen long before the Industrial Revolution and humans increased use of fossil fuels. Bill Anderegg is a biologist and climate scientist and is quoted as saying: “…clearly warming temperatures and more carbon dioxide (are) putting more pollen in the air.” Again, there is nothing unusual about that statement, it well understood science.

What is blamed for the warming and increased pollen?

“…Human caused climate change.”

The article talks about warmer Februaries and earlier spring blooms. That’s something I had noticed in recent years to, but then something happened:

Backyard snow: Chillicothe, Ohio; Source: Iphone on February 10, 2021.

After three years of not using our snow blower, I’ve used it three times this year. And only once or twice before, in the nearly thirty years we’ve lived in our house, have we seen snow on the back porch as deep as it is this morning. We’ve had two snows in the past week that each dropped 4″ to 6″. The vast majority of the snow is still on the ground because of the cold high temperatures we’ve experienced.

Yesterday I searched for the average high and low temperatures for the month of February in Chillicothe, Ohio. What I found was the average high is 42F and low is 21F. A quick look at the Weather AP on my IPhone shows the following weather 10 Day forecast for Chillicothe:

Highest Temperature: 30F (Friday) The ten day average high is 24.5.

Lowest Temperature: 10F (Sunday) The ten day average low is 15.5F.

There are also five days of potential snow during the next ten days. So if the weather forecast holds true, we’re likely to have even more snow on the back porch bench before we seen any substantial warming. And it will be a long time before we see the tops of the daffodils that had started to pop up out of the ground or any significant pollen.

And how much electricity would the solar farms that are being proposed for Ross County produce over the next ten years. I suspect not all that much. We are projected to have ten days in a row of heavy cloud days. That pretty much follows a trend we’ve seen since November.

Yet the “scientists” are sure that human’s use of fossil fuels (release of CO2) is causing warming temperatures, increased pollen and worsening allergies?

It will be interesting to see how they explain this year’s weather. It doesn’t follow their prescribed “theory”.

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