Gazette Watch

For years many readers of the Chillicothe Gazette have been concerned about some of the news and opinion pieces they have seen in the paper. That was the case in late August and early September, 2020. There were a flurry of articles which would have caused most readers to question them.

Finally, a September 1, 2020 article related to a recent poll on voter confidence caused so much concern that an alternative for expressing those concerns was needed.

Gazette Watch will share its concerns with you. That includes concerns with both articles that do appear in the Chillicothe Gazette or other news sources and ones that should have appeared, but didn’t.

Please check out the Blog Page to see what we’ve found.

This blog is the creation of Alan Davis. Alan did the first half of his growing up in Massachusetts and the second half in a suburb of Chicago Illinois. He attended New Trier East HS, the University of Kansas (where he received a BA degree) and the University of Houston (where he received a MS in Accounting). He became a CPA. He went on to have a long career in healthcare financial management, mostly at a senior management level. He has been monitoring Washington since 1996 and the nation’s finances since 2009. He brings his expertise in financial management and analysis to his blogging.

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