12/05/20: “Ohio Senate passes Juneteenth holiday bill”

” the Ohio Senate, by a 32-0 vote, decided that state employees should be given another tax payer paid holiday. Didn’t even one Ohio Senator see how insulting this would be to those struggling to make ends meet? Didn’t even one Ohio Senator think the timing was bad? Obviously they didn’t!”

12/03/20: “UN chief: Go carbon-free and cease ‘war on nature'”

“”In 2020, over 50 million people have been doubly hit: by climate-related disasters…and COVID-19 pandemic,” the report said’. If you can imagine the Northern Hemisphere in the winter without fossil fuels you can imagine a lot more than 50 million people being impacted. And many of them will be in Secretary-General Guterres’s home country of Portugal!”

Opinion: Ford’s Plan to Transition to 100% Renewables

“So if Detroit has long, cloudy and cold winters, how can it utilize solar panels for generating the necessary electricity to run its operations? And if the average wind speed is just above the speed at which turbines begin to function, but well below the speed where they are capable of producing their maximum level of electricity, what renewable energy source will Ford Motor Company be utilizing?”