01/19/2021: “Freezing weather brings much of Europe misery”

by Vanessa Gera of the Associated Press

The article tells us “extreme cold has hit large parts of Europe,…”. The article goes on to talk about extremely cold weather in the Balkans (in southern Europe) and snow in Istanbul.

But it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere so cold weather is expected. And all of Europe is in the Northern Hemisphere so, again, cold weather is expected. So what makes this weather worth reporting on. The article tells us: “Extreme cold has hit large parts of Europe, with freezing temperatures.” It goes on to tell us it includes “Snowing blanketing the Turkish city of Istanbul and smog spiking as coal was being burned to generate heat. Also “Temperatures dropped to minus 18 F in some Polish areas overnight, the coldest night in 11 years.” This is extreme weather for some of these locations.

This year’s extremely cold weather follows articles from last January about a snowfall that covered much of Saudi Arabia’s north-west desert. In recent years there have been more reports on snow in parts of the Mid-East which have rarely seen snow in past years. So what is going on?

Climate does change. So is this a change in our climate? And if so, what should we expect?

The September, 2004 issue of the National Geographic Magazine included a chart of the climate changes the Antarctic continent has experienced over the last four hundred thousand years.

Others have put together charts of the changing climate over the last several thousand years.

So why, when we are told that we just experienced one of the hottest years in history, are we experiencing extreme cold weather in Europe or elsewhere? Is it possible that we may be approaching the dramatic change in climate that the National Geographic chart indicates might just be over due?

Only time will tell!

01/17/21: “Falling prey to entirely unfounded fears”

An editorial by The Marietta Times

In this editorial The Marietta Times expresses concerns over the fact that many healthcare workers are expressing concerns about taking the Covid-19 vaccine. In a front page article concern was expressed that African Americans were concerned about being vaccinated. In other articles we seen how black athletes are being recruited to promote the vaccines. Both talk about the efforts being made to medical journals, the media and others in promoting vaccination so why are so many reluctant? Is it just a natural response or were they told they should be warry of any “Trump” vaccinations by someone?

Let’s start by reviewing some of the columns by the Gazette’s favorite columnist, Dick Polman:

9/12/20: “Who wants to inject Trump vaccine?” In this column Dick doesn’t promote people taking the vaccine when it became available, but expresses concerns on how it would be foolish to take one that was developed while President Trump was in office.

9/16/20: “Trump knew the danger. End of story.” In this column Dick states that “…he (Trump) has now shot and killed 190,000.” He wasn’t stating that President Trump had actually shot people, but that he was responsible for their deaths due to his response, or lack of it, to the Covid-19 virus. There wasn’t one word in the column that promoted the use of a vaccine once one was available. Considering how close this column came to his last one, it would only enforce peoples concerns about one.

9/25/20: “Dr. Trump can’t resist looking foolish on virus” He included the following in this column: “Trump and his death-cult party members…”. There was nothing in this column about the need for the taking of the virus.

So in the space of just two weeks the Chillicothe Gazette published three columns by Dick Polman in which he ridicules President Trump, his response to the Covid-19 response and tells people that they would be foolish to take the vaccine unless President Trump took it first to prove it was safe. How many other Gannett papers used these very same columns by Dick Polman? Why would any newspaper give space to his outrageous and provably false claims that President Trump was responsible for all the Covid-19 deaths? Where would he get the idea to make that claim in the first place?

September 27th the Gazette carried a column in the Opinion section by USA Today. The headline was “200,000 souls are asking their fellow Americans why?” It included the following: “Much of the blame lies at the hands of an astonishingly incompetent and politically motivated Trump administration”. Those are pretty harsh words from USA Today. And if the Trump administration was really that incompetent and only politically motivated, why would anyone take a vaccine developed while he was in office. After all, Dick Polman told us how foolish it would be., didn’t he?

In a September 23 article regarding President Trump and the virus by Darrel Rowland of the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette and USA Today Network he makes a very good point. “Trump’s response to the coronavirus remains a major campaign issue…” Truer words were rarely spoken.

Vice President Biden and Senator Harris spent much of their time focusing on the Covid-19 virus. In her speech given early in the last day of the Republicans’ convention Sen. Harris claimed that President Trump’s administration was responsible for many, if not most of the deaths the US had experienced. She falsely claimed that the Trump Administration had no plan to begin with and still had no plan (in late August). Vice President Biden also joined in the chorus of criticism of President Trump and his administration’s response. An October 24th article on the second Presidential Debate Julie Pace of the Associated Press quoted Biden as saying: “Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States.” He also blamed Trump for all the deaths from the virus, even mistakenly claiming there had been 200,000,000 deaths, not the actual number of 200,000.

So Vice President Biden and Senator Harris spent the entire campaign casting doubts on the Trump Administration’s handling of the virus as did many in the media. They also cast doubts on any vaccine that was developed under the Trump Administration. And the media covered this as if it were true and included columns that told people that they would be foolish to take the vaccine.

And now they wonder why many people, especially those who typically vote for Democrats, might be reluctant to be vaccinated? Maybe the Democrats, media and columnists should have thought about that when they were using the virus as a political weapon against President Trump in the 2020 campaign.

PS: I submitted a column to the Gazette pointing out the false and inflammatory statements VP Biden and Sen. Harris were making regarding the virus and the Trump Administration’s response to it. However it never made it to the paper. It didn’t fit their narrative and it might have hurt Biden’s chance in the election. Gannett and the Gazette could let that happen! You can read what I wrote here.

1/09/21 & 01/10/21: Political Cartoons

by Kevin Siers (01/09) and KOTERBA (01/10)

With so much going on it is hard to know what to write about next. Having taken a couple days off to do some yard work, write some political letters and do some fused and stained glass work, the pile of pieces I’ve saved to comment on has gotten pretty high. This time I decided to write one piece on a couple political cartoons I saw in the Gazette.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

That’s an old saying that is pretty much understood to mean it takes a lot more words to express the same thing that you can do with one single picture. The only problem with that saying is the following. You can give a lot of detail and context in a thousands words. You can even do it in less. That’s why newspapers limit submitted columns and LTEs to far fewer than a thousand words. In the Gazette it is five hundred words, though occasionally that limit is waived. A well written column or article leaves the reader with few questions other than “Do I agree with the facts and conclusions?” If the facts are well documented it takes away part of the question. If the conclusion is well grounded in facts it may address the second part too. That isn’t always the case with a “picture” (or cartoon).

Kevin’s cartoon (01/09/21 issue) depicts a rattle snake coiled around the US Capitol Building. It’s mouth is open, tongue stretched out and fangs ready for action. Its rattlers are ready to sound their warning. The snake appears to be very similar to the one used by colonists prior and during the American Revolution and again by the “Tea Party” in its heyday. I still see them flying on poles or on cars and trucks when I drive around town.

So what is the snake doing? Has it wrapped itself around the US Capitol in an attempt to crush it and the nation? Or is it attempting to defend the Capitol and the nation, and if so from whom?

I’ve read and heard that rattlesnakes are not an offensive animal unless they are in search of food. When confronted by threats such as people they typically shy away. However when they feel they can’t retreat they coil up, shake their rattles in warning and strike out when they feel it is their last resort.

Kevin did label the snake as “Trump’s Mob” so I’m guessing that this was not supposed to be a positive portrayal of their actions. But looking at the picture you can come away believing that the snake is feeling the Nation is threatened and is coiled around the US Capitol Building attempting to protect it from the perceived threat. While that might not apply to those who rushed the Capitol, broke its windows and rushed inside, it would apply to tens of thousands of those who attended the DC rally against an election they felt was “stolen”. They went to DC to express their concerns that our country and its founding principals are being threatened by a group of leftist radicals. So in this cartoon’s case, a few more words would have better relayed the artist’s message.

KOTERBA’s cartoon shows an eagle (labeled Democracy) on the ground in distress. It also shows boots and shoes on the bottom of legs which appear to be rushing towards the Capitol Building. We don’t see any more of the “people” than their legs so don’t know who they might be. Are the politicians, are they law enforcement? Or are they citizens coming to the Capitol Building’s defense? Or are they an angry mob? If they are angry, why are they and is their anger justified? And finally, was the eagle in distress before to the running legs came or are they what is causing the crisis for “Democracy”. Again, a few more words might give us a better understanding of the artists intent.

I suspect that there very appearance in a Gannett newspaper would indicate the intent of the artists was to portray President Trump’s supporters in a very negative light. That certainly could be a valid interpretation of the cartoons. But our Nation is very divided. There are two large segments of the citizenry. One see Donald Trump and his supporters as a major threat to our nation. They applauded and approved of the steps taken to keep him from being elected (both in 2016 and 2020) and to have him removed from office after his 2016 victory. Yet another large segment of our citizenry sees the attempts to spy on the Trump Campaign in 2016, to falsely accuse him of being an asset of and colluding with Russians and both impeachments as the greatest threat our Nation and Democracy have experienced in their life time.

I can’t help but think that any fair minded individual, when presented with the facts we’ve already seen, would tend to side with those who see the actions of the Democrats and DC Bureaucrats as a threat to our nation. They might even come to the conclusion that it is the best example we’ve experienced as a country of individuals trampling on our Democracy.

So maybe it is best that the artists didn’t add a few more words to make their intentions perfectly clear. It gives Trump supporters a ray of hope that their interpretation was what the artists intended.

I doubt it was.

01/14/21: “Twitter ban of Trump isn’t like China”

by Jack Greiner of the USA Today Network

Mr. Greiner is identified as the managing partner of Graydon law firm in Cincinnati and the attorney who “…represents Enquirer Media in First Amendment and media issues.” So I guess we’re supposed to take what he says as truth and the final word on a topic. So when Mr. Greiner says:

“With all due respect to Ambassasor Haley, she has this completely backward. Presumably, she considers Twitter’s decision to be a form of censorship, similar to that exercised by China’s Communist regime. But it is pretty clear its not. Not by a long shot.”

Mr. Greiner makes two key points. The first point is Twitter is a “private” company, not a government. While he is correct that Twitter is not the government, he is wrong about it being a “private” company. Twitter is not a “private” company, it is a “public” company. I proved it by asking my iPhone the question of “How can I invest in Twitter”. It answered by giving me suggestions of how I could buy stock in the company. It gave similar responses to “How can I invest in Facebook” and “How can I invest in Amazon”. Each of those companies started off as truly private companies, but at some point in time the original owners decided to cash in on the value of their company and offered shares to the general public. That makes them public companies, not private companies. As public companies they are under a much different set of rules and regulations. They are also subject to boards of directors and ultimately stock holders. As a true “private” company management and owners have the right to make decisions that don’t violate laws in any manner that they choose, whether it enhances the value of their company or not. But as management (and boards) of public companies, their ultimate responsibility is to shareholders. And in the past, the test was always “Does the action enhance the share holder’s investment value?” If the answers is “No” there usually are consequences. If the answer is “No and it was egregiously no” management opens the company and themselves up to legal consequences.

Was management’s action of excluding the President of the United States from using Twitter in the best interest of the shareholders of Twitter? How about its action to deny the ability of individuals to question whether the results of an election were legitimate like millions of voters believe is the case? How about freezing the account of the New York Post when it properly reported shortly before the November election that there were Federal investigations underway regarding Hunter Biden’s business ties to foreign governments? There are many open questions as to whether the management of Twitter has been and is acting in shareholders’ best interest. So “private company” doesn’t just mean “non-government” as Mr. Greiner would like us to believe. There is some evidence that Twitter’s management believes they answer to no one, but themselves. If that is the case, then they are very similar to the Chinese Communist Party.

Mr. Greiner goes on to tell us “…certain speech is ‘unprotected’. And speech that incites violent (I think he meant violence) fits in that category.” We’ve heard the claim that President Trump’s speech to those who attended the rally “incited violence”. However they don’t point to which words they were. Certainly when he urged those who had attended the rally to go to the Capitol Building peacefully and patriotically it is hard to see that those were words inciting violence? And the fact that the Capitol Building was breached prior to President Trump urging individuals to go to the Capitol Building would lead an honest person to question whether his speech incited the breaching.

So in the typical fashion of lawyers arguing a case in the best interest of their client, Mr. Greiner uses words that might not really apply to the actual facts of the case before him.

  • The Chinese Government uses the means available to it to make sure that speech that they don’t like doesn’t appear and that those attempting to express it don’t have a platform with which to speak.
  • The management of Twitter is using the means available to it to make sure that speech they don’t like doesn’t appear and that those attempting to express it don’t have a platform with which to speak.

That may not sound similar to Mr. Greiner, but to many of us, whether we support President Trump or not, it sounds very similar. It sure does to me! Twitter’s actions are a form of censorship and it is being done by a “PUBLIC” corporation. Shame on them!

Hopefully Twitter’s shareholders will be upset with the company’s management’s actions too.

01/11/21: “GOP senators urge Trump to resign”

by Darlene Superville, Alan Fram and Mary Clare Jaionick of the Associated Press

When I first read the headline to the story I was surprised. My first question was “How many are there?” The answer to the question came quickly. The beginning of paragraph two identified two of them. Both have been critics of President Trump for some time now.

So why didn’t the headline state “Two GOP senators urge Trump to resign” or “Two GOP senators who have been long term critics of Trump urge him to resign”. Those would have been more representative of the actual article than suggesting it was wide spread in the GOP Seenate.

But an even more accurate title for the article might be one of the following:

“Democrats continue effort to remove President Trump that they started before his election”

Or something like the following might be even more accurate:

“Democrats plot to find way to keep President Trump from running in 2024”

The article includes the following:

‘”Let’s give President-elect Biden the 100 days he needs to get his agenda off and running,” Clyburn said. “And maybe we will send the articles sometime after that.”

But won’t President Trump be out of office by then? And if he is such a great threat to the nation, how can you wait 100 days or more?

“Another idea being considered is to have a separate vote that would prevent Trump from ever holding office again.”

So with that, I think it is pretty clear. The Democrats aren’t really worried that Donald Trump might do something horrible while still in office. They are worried that he might run again in 2024. But if he really lost by 7 million votes this year why would they be worried about 2024. And if the Democrats’ agenda is so popular that Biden received over 10 million votes than President Obama, why are they worried about President Trump running again?

But it sure seems they are. It is hard to explain exactly why that is?

Maybe the journalists at the Associated Press should have been asking those questions too!

01/09/2021: “I’m ticked at DeWine, Portman and myself”

by Jason Williams of the Cincinnati Enquirier

The attacks have started. Any Republican who hasn’t been denouncing President Trump strongly enough since the election is mostly likely unfit for holding office in the future. At least that sounds like what Jason Williams is implying in his article. It is interesting that Sen. Portman is a target of this disappointment. Sen. Portman is one of the Republicans senators up for reelection in 2022. Coincidence?

Jason starts off praising Gov. DeWine and Sen. Portman stating they “…are two of the most respected Republicans in the nation…”. He even calls them “political giants” and as such wants them to chastise the president for expressing the feelings that many in this nation have. The Democrats used mail in voting, changes in signature verification, mass ballot mailing and other methods to ensure that VP Biden was elected President. They were aided in this effort by most of the media and “big tech”.

But that’s not really what his article is about. He makes that clear when he adds: “Powerful Republicans nationwide should be doing some soul-searching today and kicking themselves for giving Trump a mostly four-year free pass.” Taken literally, Jason Williams, the fair-minded Cincinnati Enquirer journalist, thinks that “powerful Republicans” should have spoken out against President-Elect and then President Trump starting before he took office. He regrets not doing the same himself.

I have my own concerns about those very same powerful political giants. But I have many more concerns about the elected members of Congress, especially those who have been serving for many years. But mainly I have concerns about Congressional Democrats. Unfortunately I don’t have the platform that Jason Williams has to let those concerns be known.

A couple days ago I decided to check to see what the National Debt and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) were at the end of fiscal year 2020 (September 30th). I found the National Debt stood at $27.5 trillion and the GDP was at $21.6 trillion. That’s a Debt to GDP ratio value over 127%! Wasn’t it just 96% in 2011? Wasn’t it only 111% after fighting WWII?

Wait a minute. You mean our nation’s debt now exceeds the size of our economy by nearly $6 trillion dollars? I remember when I first wrote about our national debt in 1996. Our National Debt was less than $6 trillion back then. But it is worse than just three months ago. With the normal deficit spending Congress approved and the second stimulus program they just passed, the nation’s debt is now approaching $30 trillion. (I’ll be sharing more information on this in future blogs and additions to my website.)

Another concern I have is why Congress has failed to pass meaningful reforms to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid along with the mass of other programs that are bankrupting our nation. The Social Security Trustees have included a statement in their last sixteen annual reports urging Congress to make changes in a timely way so the impact will be planned for and less disruptive. But Democrats have delayed the reforms because it has been too helpful to them in Congressional elections. And journalists like Jason Williams have never called the Democrats out for doing that.

I’ve written a email to Jason expressing some of the things I’m “ticked off” about and who I blame for them. It will be interesting to see if he responds or starts to address them. I won’t hold my breath waiting!

So we have a media obsessed with condemning President Trump and ensuring he has no place in the future of American politics. But if President Trump is gone, someone else will rise up and lead the charge in expressing many Americans’ concerns on how broken our system really is. It’s too bad we don’t have a mainstream media, such as Gannett, to count on doing the same.

12/29/20: “Ohio seeing a surge in interest in solar farms” Part 2

by Beth Burger and Mark Williams of the Columbus Dispatch

I previously posted a blog on this column questioning whether it makes much sense to invest heavily in solar farms considering the normal climate Ohio experiences. While the weather implications of Ohio’s climate varies somewhat depending on what part of the state you are referring to, the overall climate is basically the same. For winter it is colder temperatures, cloudy days and moderate precipitation, often in the form of snow. But that weather pattern is typical of much of the northern tier of states in the United States and much of Canada. It’s also the weather pattern of much of the northern section of the Northern Hemisphere including much of Europe and Asia.

I do some strange things and one of them is occasionally check out the projected weather for ten cities in Ohio. I did that around 8:00 on the January 3rd. Here is a chart of what I found.

Source: IPhone Weather AP

The first thing that stood out was the fact that there were no clear SUNNY days predicted for any part of Ohio over the coming seven days. That doesn’t bode well for generating electricity from solar farms! But that has been a pretty consistent theme to our weather since sometime in October.

The next thing that stood out was how few partially cloudy days were being predicted. Some cities had none while the most any had was two. That means the state would be blanketed by heavy cloud cover for most of a week.

I did a search to see how well solar farms do in producing electricity during this type of weather. The first thing I checked was whether solar farms produce electricity during non-daylight hours (night time). As was suspected, the answer was a resounding “No!” The second thing I checked was whether solar panels can produce electricity in cloudy weather. I found the following:

Myth: solar panels don’t work when it’s cloudy.

Short answer: Solar panels do produce electricity in cloudy weather. They don’t produce as much electricity as they do on sunny days, but they have been shown to produce 25% of what they produce on a sunny day, or 10% when it’s very cloudy.”

So with the seven day forecasted weather for the the ten cities in Ohio one would expect approximately 13% of the optimal electricity production over that period of time. But since there is no electricity generated at night and winter nights are longer than average, that means the solar panels will generate less than 5% of their optimal production capacity. This type of weather is not all that unusual for Ohio’s winter.

Doesn’t that mean that solar farms will generate very little electricity for a quarter to a third of each year in Ohio? It appears it does! Maybe that’s why the largest company promoting solar farms is located in the “Sunshine State”, Florida.

So are solar farms really a good investment in Ohio and a good use of otherwise prime agricultural land?

The last thing that stood out was the wind speeds. If commercial wind turbines have a “cut-in speed” of 8 mph, only one of the cities could have been getting electricity from wind. That doesn’t bode well for dependence on renewable energy sources in Ohio.

But long time residents could have told you that!

01/01/20: “Census Bureau to miss deadline…”

Author not identified: located under Nation & World Watch section

In what seems like a perfect ending to the Trump Administration, the Census Bureau has missed the deadline for submitting the census numbers that will be used for dividing the congressional seats between the states.

On the surface this doesn’t seem so important. Bureaucrats often miss deadlines. Probably the best example of that is the Social Security Trustees’ Trust Fund Report to Congress. Under President Bush’s Administration the report was usually transmitted before the March 31st due date. Under President Obama’s Administration on average it was a two and half months late. During President Trump’s Administration it has been mixed with the last two years being less than a month late.

What explains the difference?

President Bush took the Trustee’s concerns seriously and made sure Congress was aware of them by issuing the report on time. President Obama and the Democrats used Social Security as a political weapon against the Republicans so his administration delayed the release of the reports so the worsening condition of the Social Security Trust Fund wouldn’t be used in the initial congressional budget discussions. President Trump ran on the promise to protect Social Security (not change) so his administration delayed the first two reports.

So why is the Census Bureau failing to meet the deadline for releasing the new census numbers? The excuse will be the same as the excuse has been for everything the last nine months. The Covid-19 virus. But I doubt that is the real reason. A clue to the real reason can be found in the middle of the article.

“That delay could undermine President Donald Trump’s effort to exclude people in the country illegally from the count if the figures aren’t turned in before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.”

So it appears it is coming down to politics once again!

It comes down to the question of who should be represented in Congress? Should it be all people residing in the United States, whether they came legally or illegally or are non-citizens or citizens? The answer that would seem obvious is that members of the House of Representatives should be representing citizens. Theoretically that is who elects them since the right to vote in national elections is reserved for citizens. But for years illegal residents have been counted in the total census numbers giving states with a higher than average level of illegal residents more representation in Congress than they would otherwise get if only citizens were counted. That also means that states with lower levels of illegal residents get less representation in Congress.

President Trump understood the unfairness of the prior counts and made the change to exclude illegal residents from the total. Democrats, illegal rights groups and the media have fought that change ever since. Only it was only recently resolved in the Trump Administration’s favor by the Supreme Court.

So what we are left with is bureaucrats taking the matter into their own hands. When they can’t win on an issue in the public arena or in the legal arena, they win by other means. In this case they ignore the President’s instructions and it appears they just delay issuing the results of the 2020 census until a new president is sworn in who thinks individuals who came to the United States illegally should have a say in our nation’s political arena.

Once upon a time…. is how stories of old began. So it is with a new story.

Once upon a time the citizens of the United States elected a President and the President controlled the Executive Branch. But that isn’t the case any longer. Now we elect a President for show and the Federal Government bureaucrats in Washington do as they think best. Whether that is attempting to remove a validly elected President, ignoring his instructions to release previously classified information or ensuring that only the number of citizens each state has is used in determining each state’s representation in the House of Representatives!

And who knows how many other ways the bureaucrats are undermining our current duly elected President. I’m sure there are many more! So that’s a story we may not want to hear the ending of.

It sure isn’t what our Founding Fathers envisioned!

12/29/20: “Ohio seeing surge in interest in solar farms”

By Beth Burger and Mark Williams of the Columbus Dispatch

The article starts off with the following:

“Blocked from developing more wind power in Ohio, renewable energy companies have their sights on the sun.”

The obvious question is “Why is this happening in Ohio?”

The article goes on to tell us that the desire for solar farms is driven by companies making pledges to switch to renewable energy sources, away from electricity generated by the use of fossil fuels such as coal. Some of those companies are important to central Ohio’s economy.

Next to the article on page one is a picture of the structures that will be used to hold the solar panels at the Hillcrest Solar Project in Brown County. While there are nice trees in the background, the supports don’t make for a pretty picture. If you’ve driven by any of the solar farms throughout the country you know that the finished project doesn’t get any prettier.

The article tells us that there are nearly 24 projects now under consideration. If they are all of similar size to the Yellowbud project proposed for Ross County (2,040 acres) and are all approved that will take nearly 50,000 acres of prime farmland out of production. 50,000 acres is equivalent to 78 square miles of valuable farmland converted to producing electricity (WHEN THE WEATHER PERMITS IT).

But the obvious question is “Why is this happening in Ohio?”

Let’s check out the 10 day weather forecast around the state.

According to the IPhone Weather AP at 2:30PM 12/30/20.

So how much electricity can a solar farm generate during a heavily cloudy day, especially if it is raining or snowing? I’m guessing it is near to zero? How much electricity can a solar farm generate during a partly cloudy day? I’m guessing not very much.

But you’re probably saying “Alan, this is just an unusually cloudy ten day period.” But it really isn’t. I checked the internet site CURRENTRESULTS.COM to see what the average hours of sunlight are for Columbus. The following is what I found:

PeriodHours of
Oct – Mar7704,36818%
Apr – Sep1,4134,39232%
Nov – Jan2992,20814%
According to CurrentResults.com.

You start off with only half of the hours during the year being daylight hours. So hours of sunshine of 50% of the total hours is the maximum percent of the time solar farms could possibly be productive. However, the hours just after sunrise and before sunset are hardly conducive to electricity production. So it is actually less than 50%.

But that isn’t what we experience in Ohio. Our hours of sunshine are much lower because of our climate. In fact, during the period of October through March we can expect less than 18% of the total hours being hours of sunshine! And during those six months there are long periods of days with heavy cloud cover. During the period including November through January it is 13.5%. Where will the companies who are pledging to switch to renewables going to get their electricity during those long cloudy periods? It won’t be from the solar farms. They’ll need the coal fired and nuclear plants for backup during those periods of heavy cloud cover. This will only be more so once our cars and heating are transitioned off of gas, natural gas and propane.

So the obvious question is “Why is this happening in Ohio? After all Ohio is the fifth or sixth state on the list of states with the least amount of sunshine!”

But the real question is why are we doing this when “real” science tells us that CO2 isn’t a harmful pollutant, but a necessary part of the life cycle. And global warming isn’t due to human’s use of fossil fuels, but part of Earth’s naturally occurring climate change pattern. After all, we’ve seen massive sheets of ice, called glaciers, cover much of what is now Ohio and then melt three times in the last 600,000 years. Now that is real climate change for you!

“So why is this happening in Ohio right now?” “And who is getting rich off of it?”

12/13/20: “World leaders set fresh climate goals”

by Frank Jordans and Jeff Schaeffer of the Associated Press

The article covers a virtual climate conference celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate Accords. It was hosted by Britain, France, Italy and Chile.

So what is the ten day weather forecast for the major city in those four countries? (I’ve added my hometown as a fifth.)

CityClear DaysPartly CloudyCloudyPotential Rain
or Snow
London, England0199
Paris, France0198
Rome, Italy3432
Santiago, Chile9100
Chillicothe, OH USA1363
Source: IPhone Weather AP 12/13/20 at 8:50 AM USA Central Time Zone

What explains the big difference between the Santiago weather forecast and the weather forecast for the other four cities? Santiago is in the southern hemisphere which is experiencing summer and the remaining four cities are in the northern hemisphere which are experiencing winter. Winter in the northern hemisphere is marked by cold, cloudy weather.

“Meeting the temperature target will require a phasing-out of fossil fuels…”

So if we eliminate fossil fuels what are we left with to supply our heat, electricity and power? Typically we think of solar as the main alternative. But how much electricity would solar supply over the next ten days in Europe and the North America? Not much!

The southern hemisphere will have its turn at winter in six months and it will become summer in the northern hemisphere. That is how our planet’s climate works. Part of the year is summer and part of the year is winter with transition periods between the two called spring and fall. And it doesn’t matter how many climate conferences our “leaders” call, and how they restrict the use of fossil fuels, that won’t change.

In the meantime I’m glad our house is heated by a gas furnace. It is the cheapest and cleanest way to heat a house in an Ohio winter. And an Ohio winter is on its way which means we will be having cold cloudy weather over the next three to four months.

“…an increase of 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit since pre-industrial times…”

The second industrial revolution is usually considered the end of the “pre-industrial times” and is credited with starting in 1870. But that is also the end of an unusually cold period of time known as the Little Ice Age. Did the industrial revolution cause the end of the LIA or is it mainly coincidence that they occurred at roughly the same time. Either way, most people I know are glad that winters aren’t as cold and snowy as they once were. (I may be one of the few exceptions to that way of thinking.)

“The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period.” “It has been conventionally defined as a period extending from the 16th to the (mid) 19th centuries…” Source: Wikipedia (Wikipedia has changed the graph of recent climate history associated with this topic to Prof. Mann’s Hockey Stick chart which eliminates the LIA, but they can’t actually eliminate the Little Ice Age. It is too well established in art, literature, history and SCIENCE!)

The goal is to eliminate fossil fuel use by 2050. But what will take its place as the main source for heating homes and fueling our economies? In the northern hemisphere it won’t be solar for nearly half of the year!

But what does that leave? Hopefully “President Elect” Biden gives us that answer “on day one of (his) presidency”.