01/09/2021: “I’m ticked at DeWine, Portman and myself”

“But that’s not really what his article is about. He makes that clear when he adds: “Powerful Republicans nationwide should be doing some soul-searching today and kicking themselves for giving Trump a mostly four-year free pass.””

12/29/20: “Ohio seeing a surge in interest in solar farms” Part 2

“So with the seven day forecasted weather for the the ten cities in Ohio one would expect approximately 13% of the optimal electricity production over that period of time. But since there is no electricity generated at night and winter nights are longer than average, that means the solar panels will generate less than 5% of their optimal production capacity.”

12/05/20: “Ohio Senate passes Juneteenth holiday bill”

” the Ohio Senate, by a 32-0 vote, decided that state employees should be given another tax payer paid holiday. Didn’t even one Ohio Senator see how insulting this would be to those struggling to make ends meet? Didn’t even one Ohio Senator think the timing was bad? Obviously they didn’t!”