In 2009 I began tracking the White House Office of Management and Budget’s budget projections along with other sources like WH OMB Historical Tables, Interest Rates, Control of Congress, etc. I began putting together my own worksheets and databases in order to ensure that I “knew” what I was talking about.

Two of the topics I concentrated on were the Federal Budget and National Debt. Those were natural for me since I had a long career in financial management and believe that the primary role of Congress, especially the House of Representatives, is to manage the Nation’s finances in a responsible way. And our Founding Fathers knew that managing a nation’s finances in a responsible way included limiting our National Debt. In fact, they ran budget surpluses in times of peace and prosperity and only incurred debt during times of war and extreme economic crisis.

However that changed after the budget surplus of 1969. Since then we have had only four budget surpluses. In fact we had 26 straight budget deficits following the 1969 surplus. Understanding that caused me to start blogging. My first blog was:

You may want to check out that website too.

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